Tower Hill station (Staten Island Railway)

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 Tower Hill
Former Staten Island Railway station
SIRT Tower Hill Sharpe Av jeh.JPG
Sharpe Avenue
Station statistics
Borough Staten Island
Coordinates 40°38′19″N 74°08′14″W / 40.6387°N 74.1373°W / 40.6387; -74.1373 (Tower Hill station)Coordinates: 40°38′19″N 74°08′14″W / 40.6387°N 74.1373°W / 40.6387; -74.1373 (Tower Hill station)
Line SIR North Shore Branch
Services none
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened February 23, 1886; 132 years ago (1886-02-23)
Closed March 31, 1953; 65 years ago (1953-03-31)
Station succession
Next north Elm Park
Next south Port Richmond

Tower Hill is a station on the abandoned North Shore Branch of the Staten Island Railway, located in Tower Hill between the Port Richmond and Elm Park neighborhoods. The station lies between Treadwell and Sharpe Avenues about 3.4 miles (5.5 km) from the Saint George terminal,[1] with two tracks and an island platform.


The station opened on February 23, 1886.[2][3] Formerly a surface station, it and the Port Richmond station one stop east were elevated onto the current concrete trestle in 1935 as part of an SIRT grade crossing elimination project, opening as an elevated station on February 25, 1937.[2][4][5][6][7][8] West of the station past Nicholas Avenue, the line recedes into an open-cut.[4] Tower Hill station closed on March 31, 1953, along with the South Beach Branch and the rest of the North Shore Branch.[2][8] It is one of the few stations along the North Shore line still standing, although in ruins.

Similar to the nearby Port Richmond Station, the station has a concrete island platform with a metal canopy and street staircases at both ends of the platform. The westernmost exit is at Treadwell Avenue. The easternmost exit is just east of Sharpe Avenue on private property, leading to an empty lot on Grove Avenue.

Station layout[edit]

Platform level
Westbound Trackbed
Island platform, not in use
Eastbound Trackbed
G Street level Exit/Entrance


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