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The Tower Hill State Game Reserve is located in Victoria (Australia), 275 km west of Melbourne, and 15 km north-west of Warrnambool. It encompasses the Tower Hill volcano and wetland and is 6.14 km² in area.[1]

Tower Hill became Victoria's first National Park in 1892 [1]. It was declared a State Game Reserve in 1961. Despite protests as far back as 1958,[2] shooting continues to be permitted in the reserve during the duck hunting season.[3]

While earlier part of the Shire of Koroit [2], immediately prior to 1994, it was an unincorporated area managed in conjunction with Lady Julia Percy Island. It then became part of Moyne Shire. [3]

Aboriginal kitchen middens at Tower Hill show 5000-year-old Tasmanian devil bones.[4] Greenstone axe heads and other artefacts excavated from the tuff[5] indicate that Aboriginal people were resident in the area when the volcano erupted c., 25,000 BP.[6]

The Tower Hill Natural History Centre, opened in 1970 and located in the central complex of volcanic cones, is an important public building designed by Melbourne architect Robin Boyd. Partly constructed from local limestone, he described his structure as "a complete, one-piece, yet seemingly organic growth."[7]

The site is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register[8] and the Australian Register of the National Estate (place ID 15250).


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