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Tower Psychiatric Hospital and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre
Eastern Cape Department of Health
Location Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates 32°46′18″S 26°37′30″E / 32.7716°S 26.6251°E / -32.7716; 26.6251Coordinates: 32°46′18″S 26°37′30″E / 32.7716°S 26.6251°E / -32.7716; 26.6251
Care system Specialiazed
Hospital type Psychiatric
Emergency department No
Website Tower Hospital
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In 1894 the Colonial Government converted the barracks at Fort Beaufort into an Asylum for Natives only. This asylum admitted both the mentally ill and patients with Tuberculosis. It received far less funding than other asylums within the Colony. Perhaps the most famous admission was made in 1922, when the Prophetess Nontetha Nkwenkwe was 'incarcerated' here. Today the hospital is situated on new grounds in Fort Beaufort within the Amathole Municipality. The Institution serves the entire province of the Eastern Cape, with an estimated population of six million. It provides medium to long term psychiatric care (approximately 180 days) and psychosocial rehabilitation services. This is a government funded hospital consisting of 400 beds(344 males, 56 females).

Vision and Mission The vision of the institution is to provide an effective and efficient resource to empower psychiatric patients in the province to attain maximum level of independence, optimal wellbeing and a quality of life in a just society. The mission is to aspire to be a dynamic, well equipped resource in the province, capable of developing patient’s life skills and potential, through skills education and training so that patients can be independent citizens capable of managing their own affairs in a rapidly changing society.

Staff The hospital has a Chief Executive Officer, Clinical Manager and a Hospital Board. The multi-disciplinary team consists of nurses, a psychiatrist, two Clinical Psychologists, two Occupational Therapists and five Social Workers. There is an onsite pharmacy run by two full time Pharmacists. The administrative service consists of an onsite Human Resources Department, Finance Officer and Supply Chain Office. The grounds are maintained by the workshop staff. There is onsite laundry and kitchen services.

Services In addition to general psychiatric care the Hospital provides psychosocial rehabilitation services. The Rehabilitation Centre is the flagship of the institution. The Centre provides an onsite adult basic education service (up to Level 4), piggery, leather works, garden projects, sewing and art work. The Art Work project jointly runs an exhibition with Fort England Psychiatric Hospital at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival.The Centre is embarking on an Independent Livings Project, a move towards the provision of community psychiatric services.

Referral Procedure Patients are referred by other specialised psychiatric hospitals and mental health units from within the Province. Referral forms are available from the patient administration office.

Contact Details Telephone: +2746 645 1122 Fax: +2746 645 2623

Coat of arms[edit]

The hospital registered a coat of arms at the Bureau of Heraldry in 1970 : Or, a tower of Fort Beaufort proper, ensigned with an antique lamp Azure enflamed Gules, over all a looped tau cross, Or, between two wings Azure.[1] The arms were designed by Ivan Mitford-Barberton and Cornelis Pama.[2]

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