Tower Psychiatric Hospital

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Tower Psychiatric Hospital and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre
Eastern Cape Department of Health
Location Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates 32°46′18″S 26°37′30″E / 32.7716°S 26.6251°E / -32.7716; 26.6251Coordinates: 32°46′18″S 26°37′30″E / 32.7716°S 26.6251°E / -32.7716; 26.6251
Care system Specialiazed
Hospital type Psychiatric
Emergency department No
Website Tower Hospital
Other links List of hospitals in South Africa

Tower Psychiatric Hospital is a government funded Psychiatric hospital and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre in the Raymond Mhlaba Local Municipality area of Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape in South Africa. It provides long term psychiatric care and psychosocial rehabilitation services to the entire Eastern Cape. The hospital has a full time Psychiatrist since December 2015.

The hospital departments include a Rehabilitation Centre (consisting of onsite adult basic education, computer literacy, leather works, piggery, carpentry and art work. , Pharmacy, Anti-Retroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV/AIDS, Laundry Services, Kitchen Service. The art work project has had exhibitions at the Grahamstown Arts Festival.

Coat of arms[edit]

The hospital registered a coat of arms at the Bureau of Heraldry in 1970 : Or, a tower of Fort Beaufort proper, ensigned with an antique lamp Azure enflamed Gules, over all a looped tau cross, Or, between two wings Azure.[1] The arms were designed by Ivan Mitford-Barberton and Cornelis Pama.[2]

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