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 • 1801 9,515 acres (38.51 km2)
 • 1801 215,382
 • 1841 513,501
 • 1881 1,018,337
 • 1801 22.6/acre
 • 1841 54/acre
 • 1881 107/acre
 • Created 17th century
 • Abolished 1900
 • Succeeded by Bethnal Green MB
Stepney MB
Poplar MB
Shoreditch MB
Hackney MB
Status division of hundred, liberty

The Tower Division was a liberty, a historical form of local government, in the ancient county of Middlesex, England. It was also known as the Tower Hamlets, and took its name from being under the special jurisdiction of the Constable of the Tower of London. The name "Tower Hamlets" was subsequently used for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets created in 1965.

The Tower Division was one of four divisions of the Hundred of Ossulstone. The other divisions were named Finsbury, Holborn and Kensington. Unlike the other divisions, the Tower Division was outside the jurisdiction of the Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex, with the Constable of the Tower exercising lieutenancy powers ex-officio. The area's special status ceased in 1889 with the creation of the County of London, and the creation of a Lord Lieutenant for the new county.

In 1829 the Tower Division contained the following "parishes, townships, precincts and places":

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