Tower of London tube station

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Tower of London
Location City of London
Owner Metropolitan Railway
Number of platforms 2
Key dates
1882 (1882) Opened
1884 (1884) Closed
Replaced by Mark Lane
Other information
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Tower of London was a London Underground station in the City of London that closed in 1884, less than two years after opening. It was situated near the Tower of London, on a site now occupied by Tower Hill tube station.[1]

It was opened on 25 September 1882 during the construction of the Metropolitan Railway (MR) to the north. Two years later, the MR and District Railway (now the District line) were connected to form the Inner Circle (now the Circle line) and a new station was built.[2] This new station was opened on 6 October 1884 with the name Mark Lane (later renamed Tower Hill), just to the west of the Tower of London station, which closed on 12 October.[1]

When the original Tower Hill station was itself closed in 1967, the current Tower Hill station was opened on the site of the closed Tower of London station.[1] The remains of the Tower of London station were demolished during the construction of the new Tower Hill station.



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Coordinates: 51°30′36″N 0°04′36″W / 51.51000°N 0.07667°W / 51.51000; -0.07667