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For the village in Iran, see Towla, Iran.

Towla is a village in the province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe. It is located about 90 km north of Beitbridge and presently serves as the Headquarters of the Bubye Valley Conservancy, believed to be the largest private wildlife reserve in the world[citation needed].

Towla was established by Liebig Extract of Meat Company (Lemco, later acquired by Unilever) as the headquarters for their Jopembi cattle ranch, then one of the largest cattle ranches in the World[citation needed]. It was subsequently sold to a consortium of international investors[citation needed] and the cattle were removed to make way for re-establishment of the indigenous wildlife populations. The ranches were converted into the existing Bubye Valley Conservancy on which Mazunga Safaris operates hunting safaris.

Towla ranch is owned by a South African Charles Davy who is linked to high profile Zanu-PF guys hence his survival in the land invasions of year 2000.

Coordinates: 21°26′S 29°54′E / 21.433°S 29.900°E / -21.433; 29.900