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Town Hall Steps was a local music fanzine in Bolton, England from 1981 to 1983. Featured were bands and artists of all styles.

Some of the bands featured were Fashions of Fate, Medusa, Peruvian Drumstix, Rivington Spyke, Wiffer, Export, Shader, Wrathchild, Que Bono, Body, Buffalo, 100% Proof, Capsule Electric, Stormchild, The Reporters, A Pencil, JG Spoils, Squashed Hedgehog, The Autoze, Fireclown (band), Hot Gospels, Artzone, Rapid Fire, Future, Mean Street, Demetrius, Peppermint Dream, Rockin' Horse, Sister Rose, Uncle Sirus, Here & Now (band), Wolfpack, Shockwave, Deadly Embrace, Anoraks In Profusion, Pressure, 13th Candle, Robin Hill (guitarist) & Peter Wiltschinsky, Changing Face, Springfield Limit, Night Train, Burgundy, Pressure Drop, German Bight, Kyte, Roadrunner, Assassin, Twisted Ace, Oh No It's Them Again, Wizards of Zind, The Lewis Brothers Band, Rendezvous, Face To Face, Abolish Noise, UK Suicide, Bamboo Merchants, Release The Bats, French Connection, Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks, Xtract and Cheap Cinema.

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