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The traveling musician, his animal friends, and the princess

The Bremen Town Musicians (Russian: Бременские музыканты, Bremenskiye muzykanty) is a 1969 Soviet musical cartoon made at Soyuzmultfilm, directed by Inessa Kovalevskaya and written by Yuri Entin and Vasily Livanov, with music by Gennady Gladkov. It is loosely based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Town Musicians of Bremen. The film became a cult hit in the Soviet Union because of its memorable musical soundtrack, which contains influences from Western rock 'n' roll music. Two sequels were made, including On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians (1973) and The New Bremen Musicians (2000).


The cartoon focuses on a Donkey, a Dog, a Cat, and a Rooster and their master Troubadour (much more a classical five-pieces rock-band than a travelling circus), all of whom are voiced by Oleg Anofriyev, with the exception of the Donkey, who is voiced by Anatoli Gorokhov. The young musician falls in love with a princess, voiced by Elmira Zherzdeva, and, after some troubles solutions, they run away so that they can continue their love affair.

Dubbing, Actors & Soundtrack in other country[edit]

Country Voice Soundtrack TV
 Ukraine Aleksandr Panayotov, Alena Vinnitskaya, Jango (singer), Artem Meh, Alan Badoev, Ivan Dorn, Kamaliya, Quest Pistols Нічого на світі (begin and end), виступ музикантів на площі, пісня принцеси, пісня отаманші, пісня охоронців, пісня розбійників, пісня трубадура, бальна музика M1 (Ukraine)

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