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Town and Country Four is a Barbershop quartet that won the 1963 SPEBSQSA international competition. Leo Sisk (tenor) Larry Autenreith (lead) Jack Elder (bari) Ralph Anderson (bass)

The Town & Country Four distinguish themselves as the first society quartet to win their gold medal following three consecutive silver medals (in the years of 1960–62) as well as their 3rd place bronze medal in 1959. For the diehard barbershop trivia lover, they placed in the top three medalist positions five times, which is more than any other society quartet to date. The T&C were also the first champion to win internationally, as the 1963 convention was held in Toronto, Canada for the first time in the history of the society. After three consecutive silver medals, they most coincidentally became the society's 25 year silver anniversary champions. Known as one of the quartet greats of the early 1960s, their Autenreith trademark arrangements gave them their identity in competition with other greats of that era like the Suntones, Gala Lads, Sidewinders, and Four Renegades. The T&C Family are scheduled to honor their fathers on the 50th anniversary of their championship in 2013—in Toronto, Canada, where they originally won.


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