Towner's (NYCRR station)

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Former Towners Station Location.jpg
Location of the former Towners Station. Note the Maybrook-Beacon Line truss bridge in the background.
Location New York State Route 164
Patterson, New York
Coordinates 41°28′46″N 73°36′37″W / 41.4794°N 73.6102°W / 41.4794; -73.6102Coordinates: 41°28′46″N 73°36′37″W / 41.4794°N 73.6102°W / 41.4794; -73.6102
Tracks 1
  Former services  
Preceding station   New York Central Railroad   Following station
Harlem Division
toward Chatham

Towner's was a station on the Harlem Line of the New York Central Railroad (now Metro-North Railroad). It was 58 miles from Grand Central Terminal. The station dates as far back as the 1850s and was closed when the New York Central merged into Penn Central in 1968.[1][2] No station structures remain at the site.

Towners Station was located off of New York State Route 164 just north of a bridge that carries the former New York and New England Railroad main line (now the Metro-North Beacon Line) over the tracks. The Beacon Line had a separate station nearby.[3]


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