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The disused Townhill Power Station closed in 1985 and the twin chimneys were later removed. The entire structure was demolished in 2008

Townhill is a small village that lies just north of the Royal burgh of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. The origin of the community is thought to be from the coal-mining industry. There is a Church of Scotland parish church, which shares a minister with nearby Kingseat.

It is the site of the Scotland National Waterski Centre,[1] and is surrounded by a country park comprising pathways (some of which were originally railway lines for coal works) and a forest.

Other amenities include a public park, community centre and public library, shop and a Chinese take-away, the 'Winner House'.

The village also has a primary school which was built in 1875 and extended in 2011. The school serves the villages of Townhill and Kingseat, as well as part of North Dunfermline.[2] As of September 15, the school had 254 pupils.[3]

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Coordinates: 56°05′N 3°26′W / 56.083°N 3.433°W / 56.083; -3.433