Townhill (electoral ward)

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Townhill Ward
Wm swansea townhill.jpg
Area 1.8 km2 (0.69 sq mi)
Population 8,696 (2011 census)
• Density 4,831/km2 (12,510/sq mi)
Principal area
Ceremonial county
Country Wales
Sovereign state United Kingdom
EU Parliament Wales
UK Parliament
Welsh Assembly
  • David Henry Hopkins (Labour)
  • Nicholas Stuart Bradley (Labour)
  • William Edwin Alan Jones (Labour)
List of places

Townhill is an electoral ward of Swansea, Wales, UK. It is named after the Townhill area of Swansea.

The electoral ward consists of some or all of the following geographical areas: Cwm-Gwyn, Mayhill, Mount Pleasant and Townhill in the parliamentary constituency of Swansea West. The ward is bounded by the wards of Cockett and Cwmbwrla to the north; Castle to the east; and the Uplands to the south.

For electoral purposes the local council divides Townhill into a number of polling districts, which are: Pryderi, Dyfed Avenue, Gwynedd Avenue, Gors Avenue, Mayhill North and Mayhill South. The ward returns three councillors who are Geoffrey Burtonshaw, David Hopkins and Billy Jones, all of whom represent the Labour Party.

2008 local council elections[edit]

For the 2008 local council elections, the turnout for Townhill was 26.9%. The election results were:

Candidate Party Votes Status
David Henry Hopkins Labour 772 Labour hold
Nicholas Stuart Bradley Labour 749 Labour hold
William Edwin Alan Jones Labour 682 Labour hold
Jacqueline Church Liberal Democrats 382
James Sheridan Liberal Democrats 375
Terence Porter Independents 330
Thomas Caldas Liberal Democrats 284
Hazel Pouline McKnight Plaid Cymru 235
Susan Rosemary Sturgess Independents 183
Simon David Clason Bevan Conservatives 119
Vincent Bishop Conservatives 109
Dayne Ryan Powell Conservatives 91



The district of Townhill is spread over a steep hill of the same name bordering Mayhill and visible from the Swansea city centre. The area overlooks Swansea City Centre, the docklands and Swansea Bay.


The district of Mayhill is spread over the top of a steep hill just north west of the city centre.

Mount Pleasant[edit]

Mount Pleasant is a district located just to the west of Brynmelin. It is sited at the foot of the hill that forms Mayhill. Despite its name it is not actually a mountain. The area is set on steep and sharply undulating terrain and consists of many narrow roads and lanes off the main road. Some of the southern parts of the district fall within the Castle ward

The main road through the district is also called Mount Pleasant, linking Swansea city centre with Mayhill and Townhill. The road runs in a north-south direction, rising steeply upwards from the city centre. One of the campuses of Swansea Metropolitan University is located here.

Coordinates: 51°37′42″N 3°57′58″W / 51.62833°N 3.96624°W / 51.62833; -3.96624