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Townsend Letter
Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Collin, MD[1]
Categories Alternative medicine[2]
Frequency Ten times per year[1]
Paid circulation 6000
Founder Jonathan Collin, MD
Year founded 1983 (1983)
First issue 1983 (1983)[1]
Country United States[1]
Based in Port Townsend, Washington[1]
Language English
ISSN 1940-5464

Townsend Letter, formerly Townsend Letter for Doctors, then Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, is a periodical focusing on alternative medicine which has been in circulation since 1983.[1][3] Townsend Letter's website notes in a disclaimer: "While articles, letters and editorials seek to be scientific and show pros and cons, some information will be biased from the viewpoint of the author, be it physician or patient. We encourage reports which frequently are not data-based but are anecdotal. Hence, information presented may not be proven or factually correct. All authors are required to submit their reports to other professionals for review, but this process does not ensure the validity of medical advice. The editors of the Townsend Letter recommend that all patients (and physicians) review further reports provided in the article's references and investigate the practitioner's techniques before undertaking an alternative diagnosis, examination or treatment. Please discuss such treatments and examinations with a reputable health practitioner in your community. If you do use an alternative treatment discussed in the Townsend Letter, we would appreciate your report of the outcome, any side effects and costs. Townsend Letter does not give medical advice or doctor referrals."[4]

The website Quackwatch has listed the Townsend Letter on its list of magazines as non-recommended and fundamentally flawed.

Abstracting and indexing[edit]

Townsend Letter is abstracted and indexed by EBSCO Publishing, Gale, and the British Library.[2]


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