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Townsend Letter
Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Collin, MD[1]
Categories Alternative medicine[2]
Frequency Ten times per year[1]
Paid circulation 6000
Founder Jonathan Collin, MD
Year founded 1983 (1983)
First issue 1983 (1983)[1]
Country United States[1]
Based in Port Townsend, Washington[1]
Language English
ISSN 1940-5464

Townsend Letter, formerly Townsend Letter for Doctors, then Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, is a periodical focusing on alternative medicine which has been in circulation since 1983.[1][3] Townsend Letter's website notes in a disclaimer: "We encourage reports which frequently are not data-based but are anecdotal. Hence, information presented may not be proven or factually correct."[4]

Townsend Letter is listed as a "nonrecommended periodical" by the website Quackwatch.[5]

Abstracting and indexing[edit]

Townsend Letter is abstracted and indexed by EBSCO Publishing, Gale, and the British Library.[2]


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