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Townshend International School

The Townshend International School is a private non-profit International school located in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1992, the school draws some 140 students from approximately 30 countries each year. The school uses the Cambridge curriculum at all grade levels from Kindergarten through secondary school, and is recognized as Cambridge International Examination Centre. The school is named after the Irish scholar and humanist George Townshend. Boarding students reside in one of two dormitories.


The school starts at pre-K and goes through high school. The school’s curriculum follows the Cambridge International Examinations, and it is recognized as a Cambridge International Examination Centre. The language of instruction at Townshend is English.

The school features a primary school program starting with a pre-kindergarten class, kindergarten, lower, middle and upper primary classes. The Cambridge Curriculum continues on through the lower high school grades 7, 8 and 9.

In the Cambridge upper high school curriculum, as throughout the British system, Grades 10 to 13 are referred to as Levels I to IV. Cambridge qualifications are received after successfully passing Cambridge examinations at various grade levels. At the end of Level II, students take examinations for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). At the end of Level III, students sit the International AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) examinations, and at the end of Level IV, the International A Level (Advanced Level) examinations.

Students use Cambridge International AS and A Levels to gain admission to leading universities worldwide including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

The range of Cambridge subjects includes standard sciences, humanities, and arts: Drama, Music, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English Literature, English Second Language, French, German, Spanish, History, Geography, Sociology, and Business Studies.

In addition to the Cambridge courses, Townshend supplements the curriculum to provide courses that broaden student perspectives and address the social, spiritual, and physical aspects of education.

During Level I to IV, this includes courses in:

• Civics: Level I Government and Human Rights; Level II Ethics and Law; Level III Psychology; Level IV Global Governance

• Moral Development or Baha’i Studies

• Physical Education


The Townshend Campus is situated on a hilltop with an amazing view of a 13th-century castle, and the surrounding lakes and forests. Including modern and traditional elements, the school building, built for approximately 350 students, spreads its arms wide open to embrace the hilltop upon which it has risen. Across the path from the school stand 2 completed dormitory buildings, each accommodating approximately 50 people.



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