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For the administration Lord Townshend served with Robert Walpole, see Walpole–Townshend ministry.

Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend was appointed Secretary of State for the Northern Department by George I in September 1714. He was the de facto leader of this Whig ministry as Northern Secretary until 1717, when he was demoted to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in favour of the first Stanhope–Sunderland ministry after being outmaneuvered by his rival Whigs.

The Ministry[edit]

Office Name Term
Northern Secretary The Viscount Townshend 1714–1716
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1717
Lord Chancellor The Lord Cowper 1714–1717
First Lord of the Treasury The Earl of Halifax 1714–1715
The Earl of Carlisle 1715
Robert Walpole 1715–1717
Lord Privy Seal The Marquess of Wharton 1714–1715
In commission 1715
The Earl of Sunderland 1715–1716
The Duke of Kingston 1716–1717
Lord President of the Council The Earl of Nottingham 1714–1716
The Duke of Devonshire 1716–1717
Southern Secretary James Stanhope 1714–1716
Paul Methuen 1716–1717
Northern Secretary James Stanhope 1716–1717
First Lord of the Admiralty The Earl of Orford 1714–1717
Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Richard Onslow 1714–1715
Robert Walpole 1715–1717
Master-General of the Ordnance The Duke of Marlborough 1714–1717
Paymaster of the Forces Robert Walpole 1714–1715
The Earl of Lincoln 1715–1717
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland The Earl of Sunderland 1714–1717
Lord Steward The Duke of Devonshire 1714–1716
The Duke of Kent 1716–1717
Lord Chamberlain The Duke of Shrewsbury 1714–1715
The Duke of Bolton 1715–1717
Master of the Horse The Duke of Somerset 1714–1715
Minister without Portfolio The Lord Somers 1714–1716
Preceded by
Harley ministry
Government of Great Britain
Succeeded by
First Stanhope–Sunderland ministry