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The Townsville Ring Road, is a major road in Townsville, Queensland. The road has been constructed as the new A1/M1 (Bruce Highway) Route that bypasses the inner metro area of Townsville, Australia. The road was built in 4 stages with the first three stages built as a two-laned main road. The First Stage, The Douglas Arterial Road, opened in April 2005.[1] The fourth stage involved duplication of the first three stages of the project and an additional four-lane link between the third stage to the Bruce Highway to the north-west of Townsville.

Stage Two and Three[edit]

On the 24 October 2006, Surveying for the Hervey's Range Road Interchange had started, with construction on the interchange commencing during April 2007. Completion on the next two stages of the project was expected for mid/late-2008. Once these stages are complete, the road will officially be designated as the (A1) or National Highway 1 at the moment of opening, and in the long-term (after 2015), after duplication of the entire project (including construction of the Bohle plains Extension), the road will be designated as the M1.[2]

Stages two and three were completed in April 2009, while the Bohle extension was completed in December 2016. The original plan of duplication of stage two and three was postponed to a later date, and was not included in stage four.

Stages of the Ring Road[edit]


  • Douglas Arterial Road
    • - Divided 4 lane road (2-lane single carriageway prior to 2012)
    • - Single Carriageway
    • - 100 km/h speed limit.[3]
  • Condon Bypass
    • - 2-lane, single carriageway Road
    • - Single Carriageway
    • - 100 km/h speed limit.[4]
  • Shaws Road Extension
    • - 2-lane, single carriageway Road
    • - Single Carriageway
    • - 100 km/h speed limit.[5]
  • Bohle Plains Extension (completed December 2016), plus duplication of Douglas Arterial Road and other 2 stages (planned)
    • - 4-Lane Motorway Road (Specific section)
    • - Duplication of the first three stages to 4-lane Motorway Standard (planned and postponed)
    • - 100 km/h speed limit.[6]

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