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In Greek mythology, the name Toxeus (Ancient Greek: Τοξεύς "bowman"[1]) refers to:

  • Toxeus, son of Thestius, brother of Althaea, who participated in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. He was angry that the prize of the boar's hide had been given to a woman (Atalanta) by his nephew Meleager, who then killed him in the ensuing argument.[2]
  • Toxeus, a son of Oeneus and brother of Meleager (which makes him a nephew of the other Toxeus). He was killed by his father for overleaping the trench which had been dug around Calydon.[3][4] (This is paralleled by Remus overleaping that of Rōmulus.[5] Cf. also the story of Poemander).
  • Toxeus, a son of Eurytus, brother of Clytius and Molion. All three were slain by Heracles.[6]


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