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Single by The Orb
from the album Orblivion
B-side"Alternate mixes"
Released27 January 1997
FormatCD, 12"
GenreAmbient house
Songwriter(s)Le Gonidec
Producer(s)Alex Paterson, Andy Hughes, Thomas Fehlmann
The Orb singles chronology
"Oxbow Lakes"
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"Toxygene" is a single by electronic music artist The Orb. It was released in 1997 as the first single from the album Orblivion.

"Toxygene" was originally commissioned as a remix of Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygène 8" from Oxygène 7–13.[1] However, The Orb "obliterated it" and reassembled only a few fragments for their remix, much to the chagrin of Jarre, who reportedly "threw a fit and refused to release it".[1] The Orb released the track themselves under the name "Toxygene", which further irritated Jarre, to whom Paterson retorted "The French are always five years behind us, anyway."[1] In statements made after the release of "Toxygene", Jarre denied the reports: "It's not that I didn't like it, but I wanted the first wave of remixes to be linked to Oxygene's theme and textures."[2]

"Toxygene", was the highest charting single by The Orb, reaching #4 in the UK on 8 February 1997. The release was accompanied by a music video directed by Ben Stokes.

Track listing[edit]

CD single[edit]

CD 1[edit]

  1. "Toxygene (Edit)" – 3:37
  2. "Toxygene (Way Out West Begbie Mix)" – 7:40
    Remix - Way Out West
  3. "Delta MK II (Dal Vivo A Roma)" – 7:14
    Written by Giraudy, Hillage, Fehlmann
  4. "Toxygene (Kris Needs Up For A Fortnight Mix)" – 7:17
    Remix - Henry Cullen, Kris Needs

CD 2[edit]

  1. "Toxygene (Edit)" – 3:37
  2. "Toxygene (Fila Brazillia Mix)" – 6:10
    Remix - Fila Brazillia
  3. "Rose Tinted (Dal Vivo A Roma)" – 7:14
    Written by Lewis Keogh, Thomas Fehlmann
  4. "Toxygene (Toxic Genes Mix)" – 7:59

12" single[edit]

  • A1 "Toxygene (Toxic Genes Mix)" – 7:59
  • A2 "Delta MK II (Dal Vivo A Roma)" – 6:15
  • B "Toxygene (Kris Needs Up For A Fortnight Mix)" – 9:50
Remix - Henry Cullen, Kris Needs[3]

Music Video[edit]

The video for the song is inspired by the CIA's experimental mind control program: MK-ULTRA.

As the Orb's highest charting single, the band appeared on Top of the Pops to promote the song. The TOTP pretence of a live performance was avoided, instead the group danced around on playground rides.


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