Toy Soldiers (1984 film)

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Toy Soldiers
Toy Soldiers FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by David Andrew Fisher
Produced by Walter Fox
Written by David Andrew Fisher
Starring Jason Miller
Cleavon Little
Terri Garber
Tim Robbins
Music by Leland Bond
Cinematography Francisco Bojorquez
Edited by Geoffrey Rowland
Distributed by Metropolitan Filmexport
New World Pictures
Release date
October 1984
Running time
85 minutes
Country  United States
Language English

Toy Soldiers is a 1984 action film shot in Mexico that stars Jason Miller, Cleavon Little, Tim Robbins and Terri Garber.[1] It was written and directed by David Andrew Fisher.


A group of Caltech students yachting off the coast of Central America are held hostage by terrorists. A retired U.S. Marine trains the hostages' friends to become an impromptu special ops force.



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