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Platform of Toyonaka Station

Toyonaka Station (豊中駅, Toyonaka-eki, station number: HK-46) is a railway station in Toyonaka, Ōsaka Prefecture, Japan, on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line operated by the Hankyu Railway.


Adjacent stations[edit]

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Hankyu Railway Takarazuka Line (HK-46)
Okamachi (HK-45)   Local   Hotarugaike (HK-47)
Okamachi (HK-45)   Semi-Express   Hotarugaike (HK-47)
Jūsō (HK-03)   Express   Hotarugaike (HK-47)
Jūsō (HK-03)   Commutation Limited Express (Kawamishi-Noseguchi→Umeda)   Ishibashi (HK-48)
Limited Express (Nissei Express): Does not stop at this station

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Coordinates: 34°47′14″N 135°27′43″E / 34.787226°N 135.461972°E / 34.787226; 135.461972