Toyota 88C-V

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Toyota 88C-V

Toyota 88CV tamiya

Category = Group C Sports prototype
Constructor Dome
Designer(s) Hiro Fujimori
Technical specifications
Chassis Aluminium monocoque
Suspension (front) Double wishbone suspension, coil-spring over damper
Suspension (rear) Double wishbone suspension, coil-spring over damper
Engine Toyota R32V 3200 cc Turbocharged V8; Mid-mounted
Transmission manual transmission
Tyres Bridgestone
Competition history
Notable entrants Toyota Team Tom's
Notable drivers Japan Hitoshi Ogawa
Italy Paolo Barilla
United Kingdom Geoff Lees
Japan Keiichi Suzuki
Sweden Stefan Johansson
Debut 1988 500 miles of Fuji
Races Wins Poles
3 0 0
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0

The Toyota 88C-V is a racing car entered by Toyota in 1988 which has a top speed of 375 km / h, accelerates from 0–100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, has 809cv, 8000rpm and weighs 850 kg. It is the successor to the Toyota 88C and the predecessor to the Toyota 89C-V. Like other Toyota-powered sports prototypes of the era, it was designed and built by Dome.[1] The car was a new design, developed around the Toyota's R32V 3.2 L (200 cu in) turbocharged V8 engine, who replaced the 88C's standard turbocharged Inline-4. The 88C-V competed in the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship.

Racing history[edit]

All Japan Sports Prototype Championship[edit]

The 88C-V made its debut at the 1988 Fuji 500 miles with a single car entered for Geoff Lees, Masanori Sekiya and Keiichi Suzuki but wasn't able to finish the race due to mechanical problems.

World Sports-Prototype Championship[edit]

Two 88C-Vs participated in the Japanese round of the World Sports-Prototype Championship, counting also as last round of the 1988 JSPC. The 1000 km of Fuji allowed Toyota another chance to compete against European competitors since Le Mans. The two cars were able to finish but were the last cars classified.


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