Toyota Corolla (E170)

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Toyota Corolla (E170)
Toyota Corolla Style (2016 European version).jpg
International version
Manufacturer Toyota
Also called Toyota Levin (China)
Production June 2013–present (Asia/Europe)
August 2013–present (US)
Body and chassis
Class Compact
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive
Front-engine, four-wheel-drive
Platform Toyota New MC platform
Related Toyota Auris (E180)
Transmission 5-speed manual
6-speed manual
4-speed automatic
7-speed Super CVT-i automatic
8-speed Super CVT-i automatic (China)
Wheelbase 2,700 mm (106.3 in)[3]
Length 4,620 mm (181.9 in)
4,639 mm (182.6 in)[3]
4,650 mm (183.1 in) (Type-S)[3]
Width 1,775 mm (69.9 in)[3]
Height 1,455–1,460 mm (57.3–57.5 in)[3]
Curb weight 1,245–1,300 kg (2,745–2,866 lb)[4]
1,280–1,300 kg (2,822–2,866 lb) (North American model)
Predecessor Toyota Corolla (E140/E150; wide-body)

The Toyota Corolla (E170) is the eleventh generation of the Corolla that has been sold internationally since 2013. Two basic front and rear styling treatments are fitted to the E170—a North American version that debuted first—and a more conservative design for all other markets that debuted later in 2013. For the Japanese, Hong Kong and Sri Lankan markets, the smaller and unrelated Corolla (E160) is offered instead; the Japanese version remains compliant with Japanese Government dimension regulations. The E170 is much larger than the E140/E150, having a wheelbase up to 100 mm longer than the previous generation. The E170 derives from the Toyota New MC platform, unlike the E160 based on the B platform.

The eleventh generation Corolla falls under North American's compact car classification, and it is offered in four grades, L, LE, LE Eco, and S. The Corolla is a perennially top selling model[5] in North America, and the world.[6] Many of the changes in the new model were inherited from Toyota's Furia concept car, with the most striking difference from the previous generation being mostly cosmetic. Toyota focused on fuel efficiency with this new design, while continuing the longstanding trend of increasing size and weight.

North American version

International version[edit]


Toyota Corolla Hybrid (China)

Toyota would sell two versions of the E170 Corolla in China, the international version, called the FAW-Toyota Corolla, which is similar in appearance to the Corolla Altis, and the Guangqi-Toyota Levin, which sports a design closer to the North American version, but is still a separate design (see below).[7] In 2015 Toyota introduced the Corolla hybrid variant in China with locally produced hybrid systems.[8]


The new Corolla Altis was available in India from April 2014 in two engine forms, in petrol and diesel engines. The 1.8L 2ZR-FE is powered by petrol and the 1.4L (1364 cc) D-4D engine with variable Nozzle turbo and intercooler is powered by diesel.[9] It gets 60/40 reclining rear seats, rain-sensing wipers, eight-way power adjustable seat with lumbar support, LED headlamps and 16-inch alloys on the top-end GL and VL variants, with all variants receiving LED taillamps.[10][11]


Indonesia was the first ASEAN country to get the new Corolla Altis, released on 8 January 2014.[12] Unlike the previous generation, it was released with the 1.8 L Dual VVT-i engine only, the 2.0 L Dual VVT-i engine was withdrawn due to small sales.[13] Only 2 variants are offered, the 1.8 G manual transmission and the 1.8 V automatic transmission.


In Malaysia, the Corolla Altis came in three variant forms, the baseline 1.8E, the 2.0G and the range-topping 2.0V. All three variants come with CVT transmission with seven-speed sports sequential shift.[14] In November 2014, the 2.0G was replaced with the 1.8G.[15]

Model Engine Power Torque
1.8E 1798 cc 2ZR-FE I4 103 kW (140 PS)@6400 rpm 173 N·m (128 lb·ft)@4000 rpm
2.0G 1987 cc 3ZR-FE I4 107 kW (145 PS)@6200 rpm 187 N·m (138 lb·ft)@3600 rpm

As of September 2014, a total of five variants are being sold; XLi 1.3L Manual, GLi 1.3L (With option of both Auto and Manual Transmission), Altis 1.6L (Auto Only), Altis 1.8L, Altis Grande 1.8 L. Pakistan is among few countries in which the 1.3L variant is offered.

Corolla XLi and GLi 1.3L (E170) are having 2NZ-FE VVT-i mated with 5 Speed Manual or 4 Speed Auto Transmission, Corolla Altis 1.6L (E171) is having 1ZR-FE Dual VVT-i engine mated 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, Corolla Altis 1.8L or Altis Grande 1.8L (E172) is having 2ZR-FE Dual VVT-i with the choice of 6 Speed Manual or 7 Speed Auto CVT-i.

TOYOTA Pakistan have upgraded the features of whole Corolla's Line-up in April, 2016, with the most features being offered in the top spot variant known as Corolla ALTIS Grande. Some of the features of Altis Grande 1.8L are CVT-i, Automatic AC with Climate Control, Immobilizer Anti-theft System, Jack Knife Key, WOW Meter, Sunroof, 15 inches Hyper Black Alloy Wheels, Leather Interior with Bucket Seats, 8 inches Android Infotainment System, Multi-media Steering Keys, Driver + Passenger SRS Airbags, Auto-fold Outdoor Rear View Mirrors (ORVM), 6:4 rear reclining seats, body colored Mud flaps etc. [16]

Euro NCAP test results
Toyota Corolla (2013)[17]
Test Points %
Overall: 5 /5 stars
Adult occupant: 34 94%
Child occupant: 40 82%
Pedestrian: 24 67%
Safety assist: 6 66%

The Corolla Altis was launch in early 2014 available in 5 trims. The 1.6 E which is the base model only available in a 6 speed manual transmission, 1.6 G is the middle variant that comes with TVSS and fog lights available in 6 speed manual or 7 speed CVT 1.6 V is the ranging to the top of line variant it features push start engine, cornering sensors, fog lights and lastly the 2.0 V which is the top of the line variant that features LED headlamps with DRLs, paddle shifters, rain sensing wipers, push start engine and receives the aero kit. 1.6-liter variants receives four-beam halogen headlamps, fabric upholstery, and 16-inch alloy wheels. The 1.6-liter engine outputs 91 kW (122 bhp) at 6000 rpm and 154 N·m (114 lb·ft) at 5200 rpm while the 2.0 V engine outputs 108 kW (145 bhp) at 6200 rpm and 187 N·m (138 lb·ft) at 3200 rpm and the 2.0 V receives leather seats, LED headlamps with DRLs, 17-inch alloy wheels, and sport body kit including spoiler. In December 2016 the minor change for the Corolla Altis is presented.


The new Corolla Altis was available from 10 January 2014 offering only with the 1.6L 1ZR-FE engine with Dual VVT-i. It comes with Super CVT-i with 7-speed Sequential transmission. Classic and Elegance variants are available.

Japanese market models (Axio and Fielder Wagon) continue to be sold by grey market importers.


The new generation Corolla is marketed as the "Corolla Altis" (used in Southeast Asian markets and some parts of Asia). This generation has an overall redesigned look for the Asian market setting it apart from the American market. The Corolla Altis is only available with a 1.8 L Dual VVT-i 2ZR-FE engine with variants such as the Classic, 1.8E Deluxe, Elegance and 1.8 Z.[18] In 2015, an additional sportier version was added to the lineup with the Corolla X moniker. Designed and sold exclusively in Taiwan, the model featured a redesigned front bumper heavily influenced by the 2014 North American Toyota Camry facelift, a redesigned lower rear bumper, side skirts, clear tail lamps, and spoilers.

Corolla X front view. 
Corolla X rear view. 

The Corolla Altis introduced in Thailand, which currently manufactures the Corolla Altis, is offered a total of seven grades (J, E, G and V), as well as a special edition grade (E Sport). Thailand is currently the only country that offers all existing grades of the new Altis, whilst export markets are only given a fraction of the Thai range in varying combinations.

Unlike most markets in Southeast Asia, CNG powered grades are offered for the 1.6L variants of the Corolla Altis. A special edition grade (E Sport) is also offered only in Thailand which comes with an aerodynamic bodykit including a rear spoiler, sport seats and 17-inch multi-spoke alloys.[19]

Grades available for the Corolla Altis in Thailand varies from the basic 1.6J to the high spec 1.8V Navi variant.

Model Engine Power Torque
1.6E CNG 1598 cc 1ZR-FBE I4 92 kW (125 PS)@6000 rpm 157 N·m (116 lb·ft)@5200 rpm
1.8E / 1.8 Esport 1798 cc 2ZR-FBE I4 104 kW (141 PS)@6000 rpm 177 N·m (131 lb·ft)@4000 rpm


Toyota Corolla Ascent sedan (Australia; pre-facelift)

Toyota in Australia and New Zealand launched the E170 series Corolla sedan in late February 2014. An equivalent hatchback model is also retailed under the Corolla nameplate, but this is actually a rebadged Auris released earlier in 2012. For the sedan version, which is imported from Thailand, there are three different variants: the base Ascent, the mid range SX model, and the flagship ZR. The Corolla sedan and hatchback (Auris) were together in 2014 the top selling car in Australia.[20]

South Africa[edit]

In South Africa, the new generation Corolla went on sale in February 2014 with a choice of three gasoline engines (1.3-, 1.6- and 1.8-liter) and a 1.4-liter D4-D diesel engine. All engines are mated to a standard six-speed manual transmission while a CVT is available for the 1.6- and 1.8-liter variants.[21]


In February 2014 Toyota introduced the Corolla E170 in Germany, western Europe's largest national auto-market.[22] This marked the return of the "Corolla" badge to Germany after an absence of seven years[22] (although the previous Corolla E140 was sold some smaller European markets, such as Belgium).


The facelifted international version of the E170 Corolla was unveiled on 24 March 2016.[23] It features sleeker LED headlamps with new LED light guides, thinner upper grille with a chrome garnish, a full width lower grille that houses the foglamps. At the rear the chrome strip is thinner and the tail lamps adopt new LED clusters.[24] The facelifted E170 Corolla Altis was launched in Thailand on 21 November 2016,[25] in Malaysia on 9 December 2016,[26] and in Indonesia on 16 January 2017.[27]

North American version[edit]

2014 model year Corolla LE (ZRE172, US)
The different front bumpers of standard and S models Corolla (US).

The North American Corolla is very similar to the international version, except for offering revised front and rear styling. This design was adopted from the Furia concept. North American models were announced first on June 6, 2013; European models, announced the day after, differed mostly outside with their front-end treatment. The engines were closely related to the previous model's, with only slight improvements on performance and emissions.

The Corolla manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada has about 25 percent of its parts coming from Japan.[28]

Two four cylinder engines are available, the 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE with 132 horsepower (98 kW), and a Valvematic equipped 2ZR-FAE offered on the new "Eco" trim providing 140 horsepower (100 kW). The Corolla will be available with a four-speed automatic, six-speed manual, or Toyota's new CVTi-S Continuously-Variable Transmission.[29]

Stylistic elements of this generation of the Corolla were previewed in the Furia concept car shown at the January 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Hints of the swept windshield and sloped roofline suggest the brand will follow the industry trend toward raked rear ends and more aerodynamic body shapes. It is also likely that the elements such as the LED lighting seen on the concept will make it into the next Corolla's design.[30]

Many design cues were inherited from the Toyota Furia concept car;[31]

  • Underbody and floor pan bracing help improve the Corolla platform's structural rigidity.[32]
  • High-strength steel, extensive testing and computer simulation have helped produce a highly rigid unibody that provides superior safety for its occupants.[32]
  • Efforts to reduce wind resistance have helped the new Corolla achieve a drag coefficient of Cd=0.28, which places it near the top of the compact-sedan class.[32]
  • The LE Eco trim has improved aerodynamics.[3]

For the E170 Corolla model, the transmission is an electric power steering system offering improved directness and weight; an electric rack and pinion system eliminates an accessory driven hydraulic steering system, reducing parasitic loss. The components of the tilt, telescopic steering structure help improve steering rigidity, and reduce vibration. A more structurally rigid intermediate shaft increases the direct feel of steering. Steering measures 3.19 turns total.

The brakes are a 275 mm (10.8 in) ventilated front disc, and a 229 mm (9.0 in) rear drum with the option of a 259 mm (10.2 in) solid rear disc on the S trim. It will feature Toyota's Star Safety System™ standard including Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. Smart Stop Technology brake-override system will also be included standard, as well as electronic tire pressure monitoring system.[32]

The standard wheels on the L and LE Eco grades are 15-inch covered steel, with 16-inch wheels on the LE and S. Different 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels are offered on the LE, and LE Eco, and 17-inch alloy wheels are offered on the S. The tire on the LE Eco are low rolling resistance 195/65R-15 rubber. The S 17-inch option offers 215/45R-17 rubber. For the LE, and on the alloy option for the LE Eco model, a 205/55R-16 tire is used.

  • longer wheelbase of 2,700 mm (106.3 in)[3]
  • 15-, 16-, 17-inch steel and alloy wheels[3]

Toyota's new Corolla offers two engine selections, both all aluminium, 1.8-liter inline four cylinder engines. With the exception of the LE Eco trim, the 1.8-liter engine is equipped with dual Intelligent VVT-i variable valve timing, producing 98 kW (132 hp). The LE Eco model has a 104 kW (140 hp) engine featuring Toyota's Valvematic option, which improves the Eco model's fuel efficiency. Valvematic offers a broader range of continuously variable valve timing (lift and phasing) over VVT-i, providing more optimal intake valve (not on exhaust side) operation relative to engine demands conferring a five-percent improvement in fuel economy and engine output.[3][32] The Eco model's engine also has an increased compression ratio of 10.6:1.[33]

The base model Corolla L is offered with a four-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. The six-speed manual is also available in the Corolla S.

  • A six-speed manual transmission is available on the Corolla L and S grades. Drive modes that offer re-calibrated throttle, transmission and steering responses are available on the Corolla LE Eco and Corolla S. For ECO drive mode on the LE Eco, the initial throttle inputs are less sensitive to help encourage more fuel-efficient driving and eliminate sudden starts. On the S grade, the SPORT mode software helps make the accelerator pedal feel more responsive to input along with CVTi-S shifting logic that enhances acceleration feel. In sport mode, Corolla's electronic power steering is programmed to offer a more positive steering feel.[3]
  • The unibody makes extensive use of lightweight, high-strength steel to help keep vehicle weight below 2,900 pounds in the interest of fuel economy. In addition to improved collision performance, such construction also gives the Corolla's structure increased rigidity to optimize chassis and suspension performance, giving the new car a more responsive and engaging driving experience.[3]

Toyota is offering a new Continuously Variable Transmission on the LE, LE Eco and S trims, which they claim is more smooth, and improves fuel efficiency, named the CVTi-S (Continuously Variable Transmission intelligent-shift). The diameter ratio between small and large internal pulleys has been increased without increasing the unit's case size achieving a ratio range of 6.3, improving fuel efficiency and acceleration.[32] Its forward gear ratio range is from 0.396 to 2.480 and it has a 4.761 final drive ratio. A transmission fluid warmer was added, reducing warm-up time, and lower viscosity CVT fluid improves efficiency. Its new fluid pump reduces parasitic loss at high speeds. The transmission's software creates discrete sequential shift points to emulate traditional transmissions while accelerating. The S trim offers a manual-mode shift gate in the console shifter, or paddle shifters on the steering wheel allowing sequential "shifts" through 7 speeds, addressing complaints that earlier pulley-type CVTs had a "rubber band" feel when accelerating because of the lag as the transmission entered its power band.[3]

Typical CVT designs require high level of hydraulic pressure for operation, and CVT hydraulic-fluid pumps are typically driven at the same rate as engine speed, leading to pumps wasting considerable effort, lowering transmission efficiency at higher engine speeds as the pump moves more fluid than necessary to lubricate and sandwich the CVT's belt. Hydraulic pressure was reduced to an optimal point to protect against belt slippage, while conserving drive effort to limit excess pumping losses in the new design; also, the oil pump features a coaxial 2-port design that enables a 25-percent reduction in pump drive torque, lowering its parasitic draw on the engine.[3][32]

On the LE Eco, the transmission has an ECO driving mode. The ECO driving mode makes accelerator control become non-linear to suppress the vehicle's response to choppy driving and contain acceleration from standing start to reduce fuel consumption. The accelerator pedal's communication is the same as Normal mode after 50-percent throttle. The air conditioning operation is also controlled, with compressor power reduced, and the utilization of recirculation mode, as well as increasing the time to reach a desired temperature.[3][32]

2015 Toyota Corolla S (ZRE172)

The S trim offers a SPORT mode with software tuning that alters shift points along with unique electric power steering programming, helping create a sportier driving sensation during normal road and freeway driving. S trim models with CVTi-S have steering wheel mounted paddle shifters, while the console shifter also offers a manual gate (M-position) that also allows drivers to make brisk upshifts or downshifts using the shift lever. An appropriate shift will automatically be engaged if the engine revolutions become high enough or down shifted if they become low enough.[3][32]

The front suspension uses Macpherson struts with a new, more rigid control-arm design, while the rear uses a torsion beam arrangement. The spring rates on Corolla are relaxed, but the S model equipped with 17-inch wheels includes unique coil, damper, and bushing tuning to offering stiffer handling. The rear torsion beam's attachments points are now fastened to the body at a slanted, diagonal angle for its bushings, a departure from the traditional straight attachment orientation; the new layout contributes improves grip, and stability.

The unibody has been made more rigid, featuring additional unibody bracing (tunnel brace and rear floor brace) to complement suspension tuning. It makes extensive use of high-strength steel to improve the rigidity of the structure, keeping vehicle curb weight under 2,900 pounds for all grades. High tensile-strength steel allows for reduced thickness and optimized shape of structural panels and increases strength to improve collision performance. Corolla is expected to perform very well in collision safety ratings test.[3][32]

  • First compact car with standard LED lowbeam headlamps[3]
  • Vehicle under covers help reduce turbulent airflow; the rear spare wheel well has an under cover with fins.[32]
  • Both the LE Eco grade and S grade offer strategically placed vehicle under covers located below the bumper fascia, engine, front floor, rear floor, and fuel tank to help manage airflow under the vehicle for improved efficiency.[32]
  • Additional leg-room was gained by adopting a slim front seat back. The rear passenger floor was also made flatter by re-routing exhaust pipes beneath the vehicle to offer better middle position foot room. Rear seat comfort is also enhanced with the use of denser urethane pads and foam inserts within the seats.[32]
  • All models are standard equipped with eight airbags, and Bluetooth hand-free phone and audio-streaming connectivity. The Corolla will be available in four trim levels (L, LE, LE Eco, and S) that offer a wide range of popular features to help distinguish each trim level.

Special Edition[edit]

In 2015, for the 2016 model year, Toyota released the Special Edition Corolla based on the S model. It has gloss black-painted 17-inch alloy wheels, red stitching on its black steering wheel, shift knob, door trim, and seats, Special Edition floor mats and trunk emblem. In Canada, this model is called the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. Absolutely Red, Super White, and Black Sand Pearl are the only exterior colors offered.[34][35]


In 2016 for the 2017 model year, Toyota released the facelift version of the E170 Corolla with new aerodynamic scoops, (only for 50th anniversary edition) restyled front facia, including new headlight design; redesigned taillights also featured. The interior added a new seven-inch touch screen and four-inch multi-information display. The updated Corolla features the new SE, XSE and 50th Anniversary Special Edition grades, and new exterior colors.[36][37]

Toyota Levin (China)[edit]

Toyota Levin (China)
Toyota Levin (China)

In addition to the FAW-Toyota Corolla sold in China that is based on the Corolla Altis, in 2014 Toyota China released the Guangqi-Toyota Levin.[38] In 2015 Toyota introduced the Levin hybrid variant in China with locally produced hybrid systems.[8]

The Levin has different frontal styling compared to both the North American Corolla and the international version. The grille is a slim piece dominated by chrome strip along the top that continues above the headlamps (that have been designed as a cross between the North American Corolla's lights and the international Corolla's wrap-around units). The lower intake is trapezoidal-shaped like the regular (non-sport) grade North American Corolla, but for China features a chrome surround. At the rear, the Levin's lights are based on the North American Corolla—the rear three-quarter panels and bumper are the identical. However, the reshaped trunk lid has the Toyota logo moved upwards to make way for the dominating chrome strip that bridges the tail lamps. The outer portions of the Levin's tail-lamps are the same shape as the Corolla for North America. However, the inner portion that sit upon the trunk lid are resigned. Also, the North American Corolla's tailpipe pokes straight out from underneath the rear bumper; the Levin's tailpipe curves downwards.[39]


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