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Toyota FT-HS Concept
Toyota FT-HS at NYIAS.jpg
Manufacturer Toyota
Body and chassis
Class Hybrid Sport
Body style 2+2 coupe
Layout FR layout
Engine 3.5L V6 hybrid electric
Transmission 4-Speed automatic
Wheelbase 104.33 in (2,650 mm)
Length 170.27 in (4,325 mm)
Width 73.23 in (1,860 mm)
Height 50.79 in (1,290 mm)
Predecessor Toyota Supra

The Toyota FT-HS is a hybrid sports car concept introduced at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. Calty Design Research designed the concept. FT-HS stands for Future Toyota Hybrid Sport.[1]

The goal of the rear wheel drive hybrid powertrain is to produce 400 hp (300 kW) and achieve 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds. This is accomplished by combining a 3.5 L V6 and an electric motor in a manner similar to the Lexus GS450h. Unlike the GS (and virtually all other current hybrids), a production version of the FT-HS would make use of a capacitor system designed specifically for quick charging and increased performance.[2] Since the debut of this concept, Toyota has exhibited such technology in the Supra HV-R race car.[3]

The 2+2 vehicle features a unique retractable roof similar to a targa top. The rear seats would be folded down when the roof is retracted however.

In spite of the FT-HS being only a concept vehicle, Toyota's desired starting price for such a vehicle is stated to be in the mid $30,000 range.[4]

An August 2008 article from Automotive News indicated that a production version was no longer being considered.[5] However, a January 2009 article from Edmunds Inside Line states that "the V6 Supra replacement is still in the pipeline and is set for an early 2011 debut".[6] However, as of 2012 neither the FT-HS nor any Supra replacements have been put into production.

Rear shot of the Toyota FT-HS.

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