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Toyota Limo (XP150) in Vietnam

The Toyota Limo is a special lower spec version of both the Toyota Vios and Toyota Corolla with lower trim levels and only offered in Southeast Asian markets designed specially for taxicab use, primarily in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It is a robust low cost, low maintenance variant designed specifically for taxi fleet, with longer service intervals that may be yearly or every 100,000 kilometers. It is essentially a scaled-down variant of the base model Vios/Corolla that lacks any extra equipment. It still retains the same engine of either the Vios or Corolla, but with a specially tuned ECU for more fuel efficient and economical use.

Toyota Limo (Vios)[edit]

Indonesian taxicab - Toyota Limo NCP93, based on the second generation Vios.

The Toyota Limo (Vios) is used as a regular taxi by various taxi firms in Indonesia.

  • NCP42 (2003)
  • NCP93 (2006)
  • NCP150 (2014)

Prior to the introduction of Toyota Vios in 2003, most taxicabs in Indonesia use a scaled-down version of the Toyota Soluna, the Southeast Asian variant of the Toyota Tercel. Other cars of its time includes the first-generation Hyundai Accent and Kia Sephia (known in Indonesia as Timor S515)

Toyota Limo (Corolla)[edit]

Toyota Motor Thailand manufactures the Toyota Limo version of the Corolla Altis for use as a taxi in Thailand.

  • E120 (2003)
  • E140 (2008)
Taxicab in Bangkok, Thailand - Toyota Limo E120 

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