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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
Wholly owned subsidiary
Industry Automobile manufacturing
Founded 1996
Headquarters Princeton, Indiana
Key people
Norm Bafunno
Revenue Green Arrow Up.svg$2.148 billion (2005)
Number of employees
Website Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
Front Entrance of TMMI.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, Inc. (TMMI) is an automobile manufacturing factory located in Gibson County, Indiana, nearly halfway between Princeton and Fort Branch, and mostly in Union Township. It is part of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (TEMA), owned by Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. With over 5,500 employees, TMMI is the largest employer in the Evansville Area.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana was built in 1998

in order to begin production of a full-size pickup truck solely for the U.S. Market. TMMI began production of the Tundra began in 1999 for the 2000 model year, and Sequoia production began a year later for the 2001 model. Both the Tundra and the Sequoia were new to the market and have only been sold in North America. The Tundra replaced the Toyota T100 in the U.S. market.

In 2003, production of the Sienna minivan shifted to TMMI for the release of the 2004 Sienna, while Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky produced the Solara in place of the Sienna.

On July 10, 2008, Toyota announced that they would consolidate Tundra production at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas in San Antonio after 2008, and that due to the large unsold supply of Tundras and Sequoias, production of both Tundras and Sequoias would be suspended. Toyota also announced that production of the Highlander would be shifted to TMMI and would start in 2009.

The factory is split into two different plants, "West" and "East." West plant being the original factory, and east being added on to handle the demand for Toyota vehicles. Large expansions have recently been added onto both plants to support the high demand for the Highlander. East plant will start producing MY17 Highlanders in June 2016 due to the high success in the world market.

TMMI is the sole source of Highlanders for all markets worldwide except China. Chinese-market Highlanders are made in China exclusively for the Chinese market.

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