Toyota Motors Tohoku

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Toyota Motors Tohoku was one of three subcontractors under the Toyota Group of companies that manufactured vehicles for Toyota.[vague] The company was created in July 1997 in Taiwa, Miyagi, Japan.

On July 1, 2012, three Toyota subcontractors Central Motors, Toyota Motors Tohoku, and Kanto Auto Works assumed operations as a combined company, with all manufacturing facilities and assets of the three former companies to now be known as Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.[1]


  • 1997 Company formally created in July.
  • 1998, July – start of operations.
  • 1999 ISO 14 001 certification awarded.
  • 2011 July Central Motor, Kanto Auto Works to begin talks with management integration.
  • 2011 October announced that it has appointed a new president and a new name as Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc..