Toyota TF108

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Toyota TF108
Jarno Trulli 2008 Britain 2.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor Toyota F1
Designer(s) France Pascal Vasselon
(Senior General Manager Chassis)
Japan Noritoshi Arai
(Director Technical Coordination)
Italy Luca Marmorini
(Senior General Manager Engine)
Predecessor TF107
Successor TF109
Technical specifications
Chassis Moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb construction monocoque
Suspension (front) Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with carbon fibre trackrod and pushrod
Suspension (rear) Carbon fibre double wishbone arrangement, with carbon fibre trackrod and pushrod
Engine Toyota RVX-08 2398cc 19,000 RPM Limited
Transmission Toyota/WilliamsF1/Xtrac collaboration 7-speed unit plus reverse
Fuel Esso
Esso Lubricants
Brakes Brembo callipers and master cylinders, Hitco material (carbon/carbon)
Tyres Bridgestone Potenza
BBS forged magnesium
Competition history
Notable entrants Panasonic Toyota Racing
Notable drivers 11. Italy Jarno Trulli
12. Germany Timo Glock
Debut 2008 Australian Grand Prix
Races Wins Podiums Poles F.Laps
18 0 2 0 0

The Toyota TF108 was a Formula One car with which Toyota competed in the 2008 Formula One season.


Timo Glock testing the TF108 at Valencia, 01-23-2008.

The 2008 Toyota challenger the Toyota TF108 was launched on 10 January 2008, at the team's factory in Cologne, Germany.[1]

The 2008 season saw Jarno Trulli retained for the 2008 season, Trulli was joined by newcomer, but not rookie, Timo Glock as the team's second driver. The Toyota test and reserve driver for the 2008 season was Japanese driver Kamui Kobayashi.[2]

The Toyota team let driver Ralf Schumacher go at the end of the 2007 Formula One season, Schumacher then signed a contract with Mercedes-Benz in the DTM for the 2008 season.[3]

Technical developments[edit]

New concept design[edit]

With a new longer wheelbase to aid stability and a totally new aero package that had hoped to give the car great potential. The car was not an evolution of the previous years Toyota TF107- it had been designed from an evolution of the Toyota TF106, but with a promise of "The primary aerodynamic design philosophy for the TF108 is geared towards optimising the entire package" Pascal Vasselon, the team's chassis General Manager said.[4]

Rule changes[edit]

The car also had the new for 2008 higher headrests around the drivers head and also had the new standard McLaren Electronic Systems ECU that prevented the car having driver aids.

Changes in aerodynamics[edit]

Toyota had adopted a McLaren MP4-22-like bridge on the front wing,[5] and have also moved the rear view mirrors outboard, like Ferrari and Renault.[6] The TF108 had also had a major focus on cleaning the air flow around the front suspension, maximising the zero keel concept of the front suspension.[7]

Alternative liveries[edit]

Jarno Trulli driving the TF108 at the French GP. Note the black stripe on the nosecone.
The TF108's The Dark Knight livery at the British GP.

2008 season[edit]

2008 testing[edit]

Timo Glock was fastest[9] in testing at Jerez on 17 January, whilst test driver Kamui Kobayashi was 7th fastest on the same day.

Toyota and Ferrari had been the only teams in 2008 to test outside the common test tracks in Spain (Valencia, Jerez and the Circuit de Catalunya), having chosen to test in sunnier conditions in Bahrain from the 4th to 6 February and 9th until 11 February 2008.[10]

Later in the month of February, Toyota, alongside Ferrari, returned to the Circuit de Catalunya to finish off their preparations for the season opener in Melbourne. Toyota rolled out a new aero package,[11] with Pascal Vasselon saying that "The new aerodynamics package we brought here is a clear step forward". The very next day, Jarno Trulli completed the day with a time of 1.20.801, fastest overall, Red Bull-Renault driver David Coulthard was second with a time of 01:21.258 on the same day.[12]

Complete Formula One results[edit]

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position)

Year Team Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Points WCC
Trulli Ret 4 6 8 10 13 6 3 7 9 7 5 16 13 Ret 5 Ret 8
Glock Ret Ret 9 11 13 12 4 11 12 Ret 2 7 9 11 4 Ret 7 6

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