Walls Have Eyes

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Walls Have Eyes
Walls have eyes.jpg
Studio album by Robin Gibb
Released November 1985
Recorded August - September 1985
Criteria Studios, Miami
Genre New wave, synthpop, soft rock
Language English
Label EMI America (US)
Polydor (UK)
Producer Maurice Gibb, Tom Dowd
Robin Gibb chronology
Secret Agent
Walls Have Eyes
Singles from Walls Have Eyes
  1. "Like a Fool"
    Released: November 1985
  2. "Toys"
    Released: February 1986

Walls Have Eyes is the fourth solo album released by British singer-songwriter Robin Gibb. It was released in November 1985 on EMI America Records in the US and Polydor Records throughout the rest of the world, and produced by Maurice Gibb and Tom Dowd. The two singles from the album, "Like a Fool" and "Toys", did not chart in the US and UK. Gibb did not release a solo album in eighteen years until 2003 with Magnet. Unlike Secret Agent that contains dance numbers, this album is containing mostly ballads.


Writing credits[edit]

Barry Gibb co-wrote eight of the ten songs, but he was in the studio only to contribute a part lead vocal to "Toys". The credits for the songs are precisely stated as R. B. & M. Gibb in most cases, and B. R. & M. Gibb in others. Although the songs all have Robin's signature simplicity of form, Barry's hand is evident in the improved melody lines, especially in the verses.[1]


Like its previous album Secret Agent it was recorded in Criteria Studios rather than the Middle Ear Studio which was owned by the Bee Gees.The only regulars from previous Gibb recordings was George Terry on guitar with Steve Farris of Mr. Mister.[1] Session musician Phil Chen was credited as the bass player on the song "Gone with the Wind".[2]

The album was produced by Atlantic Records engineer and producer Tom Dowd. The copyright registrations on the songs span only between 28 August to 16 September 1985, and a period of just a few weeks keys in with what Dowd recalled about a tight budget. On the sessions there was one outtake "Modern Girls" but Gibb later said that "Did not fit".[1]


The album did not chart elsewhere as well as the lead single "Like a Fool". But "Toys" peaked at #27 in Canada Adult Contemporary charts.[3] Walls Have Eyes is rare on compact disc giving its distinction as the last album recorded by any of Gibb brothers to issue on LP. But Polydor copies that was converted on CD was found, but because of low sales, it was not later reissued on CD internationally.[1]

A remixed version of "Toys" appeared on the Tales from the Brothers Gibb box set in 1990.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb, except where noted.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "You Don't Say Us Anymore" (Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb) 4:05
2. "Like a Fool"   3:58
3. "Heartbeat in Exile"   4:13
4. "Remedy"   3:26
5. "Toys"   5:03
Side two
No. Title Length
1. "Someone To Believe In"   3:31
2. "Gone with the Wind" (Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb) 3:35
3. "These Walls Have Eyes"   4:20
4. "Possession"   3:07
5. "Do You Love Her?"   3:13



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