Tozeur Governorate

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ولاية توزر
Map of Tunisia with Tozeur highlighted
Map of Tunisia with Tozeur highlighted
Coordinates: 33°55′N 8°08′E / 33.917°N 8.133°E / 33.917; 8.133Coordinates: 33°55′N 8°08′E / 33.917°N 8.133°E / 33.917; 8.133
CreatedJune 21, 1956
 • Total4,719 km2 (1,822 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 11th of 24
Population (2014)
 • Total107,912
 • RankRanked 24th of 24
 • Density23/km2 (59/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Postal prefixxx
ISO 3166 codeTN-72

Tozeur (Tunisian Arabic: توزرTauzar) is the westernmost of the 24 governorates (provinces) of Tunisia and as such bordering Algeria. It covers an area of 4,719 km² and has a population of 107,912 (2014 census) making it the least populated province.[1][2] The capital is Tozeur.


The Chott el Djerid occupies a large amount of the area with a larger part in Kebili and a small fraction in coastal Gabes province both to the east

The area is of low elevation, particularly its two large dry lakes occupying approximately 45% of its area. These are about a third of the Chott el Djerid, the country's largest inland body of water/salt pan and the Chott el Rhasa which has a small portion in Algeria. The lowest point is the bottom of the latter, 23 m below mean sea level. Tozeur and its airstrip are in the quite narrow strip of land between the two pans. Elevations reach above 200 m in the north east extreme being otherwise below 100 m.[3] The uplands to the north attract variable winter and early spring relief precipitation and little other rain. The area exhibits a hot desert climate (Köppen climate classification BWh) with long, extremely hot summers throughout (see North-south graduation of Tunisian climatic zones) — the patchy and infrequent rainfall in winter is greater than the average for the Sahara Desert of which the area forms part.


One of four arterial roads into Algeria passes through Tozeur along a north-east to south-west axis and the town of Gafsa, a provincial capital to the north before heading due east towards the port and coastal resort city of Sfax. The other roads of the province are marked as minor, one passing via a long causeway through the Chott el Djerid leading directly to Kebili, Matmata and Medenine.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The Tozeur Governorate is divided into five delegations and further divided into 36 sectors (imada). The delegations with populations from the 2004 and 2014 censuses,[1] are listed below:

Degach Hazoua Nefta Tameghza Tozeur
2004 26,596 4,162 20,544 6,362 39,862
2014 28,543 4,700 21,731 6,516 46,422

Five municipalities are in Tozeur Governorate:

| 6211 || Tozeur || align=right | 37,365 |- | 6212 || Degache || align=right | 7,893 |- | 6213 || Hamet Jerid || align=right | 6,439 |- | 6214 || Nafta || align=right | 21,654 |- | 6215 || Tamerza || align=right | 2,334


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