Tozhu Tuvans

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Tozhu Tuvans
Тугалар / Тухалар
Tozhu Tuvan.jpg
a Tozhu Tuvan man, Iy (Ий) River, 1897
Total population
4,442 (2002)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Tuvan, Russian
Tibetan Buddhism ("Lamaism"), Tengrism
Related ethnic groups
Tuvans, Dukhans, Tofalar, Soyots, several other Turkic peoples and Uriankhai Mongols

The Tozhu Tuvans, Tozhu Tuvinians, Todzhan Tuvans or Todzhinians (own name: Тугалар Tugalar or Тухалар Tukhalar; Russian Тувинцы-тоджинцы Tuvincy-todžincy, Тоджинцы Todžincy) are a Turkic subgroup of the Tuvans living in Todzhinsky District of Tuva Republic. The Tozhu Tuvans are reindeer herders.[3]


The language of Tozhu Tuvan people is a subdialect of Eastern (or Northeastern) dialect of Tuvan language.


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