Trà Vinh (city)

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Trà Vinh

Thành phố Trà Vinh
Trà Vinh City
Trà Vinh is located in Vietnam
Trà Vinh
Trà Vinh
Coordinates: 9°56′N 106°21′E / 9.933°N 106.350°E / 9.933; 106.350
Country Vietnam
RegionMekong Delta
ProvinceTrà Vinh
 • Total68.035 km2 (26.268 sq mi)
 • Total160,310
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC + 7)

Trà Vinh (About this soundlisten, Khmer: Preah Trapeang, ព្រះត្រពាំង) is a provincial city in Vietnam. It is the capital city of the Trà Vinh Province.


It is located in the Mekong Delta region, which is in the Southern part of Vietnam. The city has many famous Khmer temples, due to the large population of Khmer Krom. Under the Republic of Vietnam, it was the provincial capital of a province with a population of 51,535.

Government Resolution No. 11/NQ-CP 04/03/2010 established the city of Trà Vinh with an area of 6803.5 hectares and a population of 131,360 inhabitants and 10 administrative units.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The area directly under the town consists of:


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Coordinates: 9°56′N 106°21′E / 9.933°N 106.350°E / 9.933; 106.350