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Tröegs Brewing Company.png
Tröegs Independent Brewing
LocationHershey, Pennsylvania; (40°17.832′N 76°38.5812′W / 40.297200°N 76.6430200°W / 40.297200; -76.6430200)
Annual production volume89,000 US beer barrels (104,000 hL) in 2016.[1]
Owned byJohn Trogner and Chris Trogner
Active beers
Name Type
DreamWeaver Hefeweizen
Hopback Amber Ale
JavaHead Stout
LaGrave Triple Golden Ale
Jovial Belgian Dubbel Ale
Troegenator Double Bock
Solid Sender Pale Ale
Perpetual Imperial Pale Ale
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Blizzard of Hops (November - January) White India Pale Ale
Cultivator (February - April) Helles Bock
Hop Knife (August - October) India Pale Ale
Mad Elf Ale (October release) Belgian Strong Ale
Master of Pumpkins (September release) Pumpkin ale
Nimble Giant (June release) Double IPA
Nugget Nectar (January release) Imperial Amber Ale
Sunshine Pils (April - July) Pilsner

Tröegs is an American brewery located on Hersheypark Drive in Hershey, Pennsylvania. John and Chris Trogner founded the company in 1996. Tröegs is a craft-brewery, or microbrewery focusing their production on specialty and seasonal beers. Tröegs also is a limited distribution brewery, only distributing beer to states within proximity to maintain beer freshness.


Tröegs was founded in 1996 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by brothers John and Chris Trogner. The name Tröegs is a combination of a nickname derived from the surname Trogner and the Dutch word kroeg ("pub"). The brewery was originally located at 800 Paxton Street in Harrisburg. Their first keg was sold to a Harrisburg restaurant in July, 1997.

Tröegs began construction of their new brewery in 2010 and moved from Harrisburg to Hershey in Fall 2011. Grand opening celebrations were held during November of that year. At approximately 90,000 square feet (8,400 m2) the new brewery is about three times the size of the original facility and includes a tap house (tasting room) with a full view of the brewhouse. The tap house bar serves most beer by the glass, although a select few, including "corked-and-caged" beers, are sold by the bottle. Most of Tröegs' beers are available "to go"—as 4-packs, 6-packs, cases, growlers, and, most recently, as "crowlers" (32-US-fluid-ounce (950 ml) aluminum cans filled from a tap and then sealed; a portmanteau of "can" and "growler"). However, a few bottled beers have been available for consumption only in the tap room. The tap room also features an upscale "snack bar."

Every year, Tröegs sponsors the Harrisburg Brewers Fest with proceeds benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Held every year along Locust and 3rd Streets in downtown Harrisburg, the festival features live music, food and beer samples from over 35 breweries.

Self-guided tours are available daily during regular business hours. Guided tasting tours are also available by appointment.

In 2012, Tröegs produced 44,000 US beer barrels (52,000 hl);[2] by 2016, the volume had more than doubled to 89,000 US beer barrels (104,000 hl).[1]


Tröegs currently has sixteen beers in regular production. These are split between year-round and seasonal offerings. Seasonal beers are further split between "once a year" and "hop cycle," the latter being an annual rotation of hoppy beers.[3]

Name Style Production ABV IBUs Color[4] Malts Hops Yeast Notes
Blizzard Of Hops Winter IPA Hop Cycle: November–January 6.4% 80 6 Pilsner, Unmalted Wheat, White Wheat Centennial, Chinook, El Dorado Ale
Cultivator Helles Bock Hop Cycle: February–April 6.9% 25 4 Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Hersbrucker, Magnum Lager
DreamWeaver Wheat Ale Year Round 4.8% 15 4 Pilsner, Vienna German Northern Brewer German Wheat 55% Wheat
Hop Knife American IPA Hop Cycle: August–October 6.2% 87 15 Crystal, Pilsner, Vienna Cascade, Chinook, El Dorado Ale Strong hop flavor, mixed with a sharp kick.
HopBack Amber Ale Year Round 6.0% 55 15 Pilsner, Munich, Crystal Cascade, Willamette, Nugget, Crystal Ale A hopback is a vessel through which beer passes en route from the brew kettle on the hot side of the brewery to the fermenter on the cold side
JavaHead Stout Year Round 7.5% 55 40 Pilsner, Crystal, Chocolate, Roast Cluster, Chinook, Cascade Ale contains oats and a blend of roasted espresso and Kenyan coffee beans
LaGrave Triple golden ale Year Round 8.0% 31 6 Pilsner German Northern Brewer Abbey ale contains cane sugar. Tröegs' first corked-and-caged release
Jovial Belgian Dubbel Ale Year Round 7.0% 13 24.5 Abbey, Chocolate, Munich, Pilsner Crystal, Magnum Abbey Ale Notes of dark stone fruit, toffee, chocolate and molasses; a "cork and cage" beer
Mad Elf Ale October release 11.0% 15 14 Pilsner, Munich, Chocolate Saaz, Hallertau Spicy Belgian contains honey, sweet and sour cherries
Master of Pumpkins Pumpkin Ale September release 7.5% 30 24.5 Pilsner, Munich, Special B German northern brewer French saison brewed with locally grown neck pumpkins; a "cork and cage" beer
Nimble Giant Double IPA June release 9% 69 15 Azacca, mosaic, simcoe Nimble Giant has been produced in 16-ounce cans, as well as 101 ounce bottles, similar to a jeroboam or double magnum champagne bottle
Nugget Nectar Ale January release 7.5% 93 9 Pilsner, Vienna, Munich Nugget, Warrior, Tomahawk, Simcoe, Palisade Ale
Perpetual IPA Year Round 7.5% 85 6 Pilsner, Crystal, Munich Bravo, Chinook, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Citra, Cascade Ale sold in cans, as well as glass bottles and kegs
Solid Sender American Pale Ale Year Round 5.2% 45 16 Crystal, Munich, Pilsner Cascade, Mosaic Ale
Sunshine Pils Pils Hop Cycle: April - July 4.5% 45 2 Pilsner, Crystal Saaz, Hallertau Mitt. Lager
Troegenator Double Bock Year Round 8.2% 25 18 Pilsner, Munich, Chocolate Magnum, German Northern Brewer Lager Sold in cans, as well as glass bottles and kegs; unlike the brewery itself, it is spelled without an umlaut over the 'o'

Discontinued beers[edit]

Several beers, once in regular production, have been discontinued, or are offered only intermittently.

Name Style Production ABV IBUs Color Malts Hops Yeast Notes
Dead Reckoning Porter August - September 5.8% 53 30 Pilsner, Caramel, Roast, Black Vanguard, Chinook Ale
Flying Mouflan Barleywine April 9.3% 100 24 Euro Pils, Vienna, Munich, Dark Crystal Warrior, Chinook, Simcoe, Whole leaf Nugget Ale Included cane sugar. Introduced as Scratch #4 in 2007.
Pale Ale Pale Ale Year Round 5.4% 45 9 Pilsner, Munich, Crystal Amarillo, Cascade Ale Retired in 2015 and replaced with Solid Sender Ale

"Scratch" beers[edit]

Tröegs also produces "Scratch" beers, an experimental series focusing on new techniques and non-traditional ingredients. These are available on a limited basis (often for only a few days or weeks) and have included weizenbocks, lagers, and barleywines, as well as barrel-aged beers. As of February 2019, over 364 beers have been offered as part of the Scratch Beer series. Several later entered regular production.[5]

Canned beers[edit]

In late 2013 Tröegs began limited production of canned beers. Previously, Tröegs had only distributed its beer in kegs and glass bottles. As of December 2013, Perpetual IPA and Troegenator Double Bock have been made available in cans (12-ounce and 16-ounce cans, respectively).

Cork and caged beers[edit]

In fall 2013 Tröegs introduced its first cork and caged beers. As of August 2016 at least four cork and caged beers have been produced: LaGrave, a Triple Golden Ale; Master of Pumpkins, made with saison yeast and roasted pumpkin; Jovial, a Belgian Dubbel Ale; and Wild Elf, a barrel-aged version of the seasonal Mad Elf. LaGrave and Jovial are part of a year-round production, while Master of Pumpkins is seasonal.[6] Wild Elf, introduced in the summer of 2016, is also the first offering from the Splinter Cellar project

"Splinter" beers[edit]

The "Splinter" series of beers are barrel-aged and (prior to completion of the Splinter Cellar) were produced on a very limited basis.

In mid-2016 Tröegs completed its Splinter Cellar expansion, an addition on the northeast side of the facility. This contains three 20-foot tall wooden fermenters ("foeders") imported from Italy. The addition features a glass exterior, allowing a full view of the foeders from the outside. These have dramatically increased the brewery's capacity to produce wood aged beers. The addition also includes an art gallery and a new entrance for guided tours. As of August 2016, expansion of the outdoor "beer garden" is underway, and parking lot improvements are under consideration. Working on this project are Dave Maule Architects and Pyramid Construction, who were both involved in the Hershey build four years ago.[7]

New artwork[edit]

In late 2015, Tröegs revealed new artwork which would be featured on their beers and packaging. Chris and John Trogner collaborated with Philadelphia-based designer Lindsey Tweed to come up with the fresh new look. Along with the new artwork came a redesigned website and brand new merchandise.[8]


Year Award Presented by Category[9] Winning beer
2006 Silver medal Great American Beer Festival[10] --- Troegenator
2006 Bronze medal World Beer Cup[11] --- Troegenator
2006 Best local beer Philadelphia Magazine's Best of Philly[12] --- HopBack
2007 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[13] Bock Troegenator
2008 Bronze medal World Beer Cup[14] German Style Pils Sunshine Pils
2008 Bronze medal Great American Beer Festival[15] Barleywine Flying Mouflan
2008 Bronze medal Great American Beer Festival American Stout Dead Reckoning
2008 Rated #1 Joe Sixpack's Christmas Beer: The Cheeriest, Tastiest, and Most Unusual Holiday Brews[16] Christmas beer Mad Elf
2009 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[17] Bock Category Troegenator
2009 Silver medal Great American Beer Festival American Stout Dead Reckoning
2009 Bronze medal Great American Beer Festival German style Pilsner Sunshine Pils
2009 1st place Washington Post's Beer Madness[18] --- HopBack
2010 Gold medal World Beer Cup[19] German style Bock Troegenator
2010 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[20] Barleywine Flying Mouflan
2010 Silver medal Great American Beer Festival American Red Ale HopBack
2010 Silver medal Great American Beer Festival Bock Category Troegenator
2010 Round one winner Washington Post's Beer Madness --- HopBack
2011 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[21] Bock Category Troegenator
2011 Silver medal Great American Beer Festival German-Style Pilsener Sunshine Pils
2011 Silver medal Great American Beer Festival --- Sunshine Pils
2011 The Fifty Best Beers The Fifty Best[22] --- Nugget Nectar
2012 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[23] German-Style Pilsener Sunshine Pils
2012 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival American-style Amber/Red Ale - HopBack
2012 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival South German-Style Hefeweizen DreamWeaver
2012 Bronze medal World Beer Cup[24] German style Bock Troegenator
2012 Mid-Size Brewing Company and Brewer of the Year Great American Beer Festival --- [25]
2012 1st Place 18th Annual United States Beer Tasting Championship (Mid-Atlantic/Southern Region)[26] Amber/Red Ale HopBack
2013 Best Lager Best of the Philly Beer Scene[27] Lager Sunshine Pils
2013 Best Wheat Beer Best of the Philly Beer Scene Wheat Beer DreamWeaver
2013 Best IPA/Pale Ale Best of the Philly Beer Scene IPA/Pale Ale Perpetual IPA
2013 Best Seasonal Beer Best of the Philly Beer Scene Seasonal Beer Nugget Nectar
2013 Philly Tap Finder Award Best of the Philly Beer Scene Most Searches, Local Beer Nugget Nectar
2013 Sales Rep of the Year Best of the Philly Beer Scene --- Nick Johnson
2013 1st Place Philadelphia Inquirer "Brew-Vitational"[28] Pilsner Sunshine Pils
2013 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[29] Bock Troegenator
2013 Bronze medal Great American Beer Festival[30] German-Style Pilsener Sunshine pils
2014 Gold medal Great American Beer Festival[31] Bock Troegenator

Tröegs distribution states[edit]

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