Trøndertun Folk High School

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Trøndertun folkehøgskole
Coordinates63°16′37″N 10°15′08″E / 63.2769°N 10.2521°E / 63.2769; 10.2521Coordinates: 63°16′37″N 10°15′08″E / 63.2769°N 10.2521°E / 63.2769; 10.2521

Trøndertun folkehøgskole is a "frilynt folkehøgskole" (not Christian) in Gimse in the village of Melhus in Melhus municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. The school annually welcomes about 150 students and is owned by "Gauldal Høgskulelag".[1] Gunnar Andreas Berg is teacher of guitar, Espen Berg teacher of jazz and former Trøndertun student Hans Magnus Ryan (Snah) from Motorpsycho is a guest teacher at the school. Other teachers at the school are professionally strong with experience as performing artists.[2]

Main subjects of this school are[edit]

  • Dance
  • Vocals
  • Sound Engineering
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Guitar



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