Trăiască Regele

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Trăiască Regele
English: Long Live The King
Kingdom of Romania - 1881 CoA.svg
Music sheet of the anthem

National and Royal anthem of Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Lyrics Vasile Alecsandri, 1881
Music Eduard Hübsch, 1862
Adopted 10 May 1881
Relinquished 30 December 1947

"Trăiască Regele" (Long live the King) was the national anthem of the Principality of Romania and later Kingdom of Romania between 1866 and 1947. The music was composed in 1862 by Eduard Hübsch, an army captain who later became the chief of the music department of the Minister of War. The lyrics were written by the Romanian poet Vasile Alecsandri in 1881, when Romania became a Kingdom.


Trăiască Regele
În pace şi onor
De ţară iubitor
Şi-apărător de ţară.
Fie Domn glorios
Fie peste noi,
Fie-n veci norocos
În război.
O! Doamne Sfinte,
Ceresc părinte,
Susţine cu a Ta mână
Coroana Română!
Trăiască Patria
Cât soarele ceresc,
Rai vesel pământesc
Cu mare, falnic nume.
Fie-n veci el ferit
De nevoi,
Fie-n veci locuit
De eroi.
O! Doamne Sfinte,
Ceresc Părinte,
Întinde a Ta mână
Pe Ţara Română!

English translation[edit]

Long live the King
In peace and honour
Loving his country
And defending it
May he be a glorious Lord
May he be over us
May he forever be lucky
In war
O! Holy Lord
Our father in the sky
Hold with your hand,
The Romanian Crown!
Long live the Fatherland,
As long as the Sun in the sky,
Happy heaven on Earth
With a great and famous name.
May it forever be spared
Of necessities,
May it forever be inhabited
By heroes.
O! Holy Lord!
Our father in the sky,
Hold your hand
Over the Romanian Land!


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