Tržič Bistrica

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Tržič Bistrica
Dovzanova soteska 5.jpg
The Tržič Bistrica in the Dovžan Gorge
Country Slovenia
Physical characteristics
Main source above Jelendol, Karawanks
1,460 m (4,790 ft) [1]
River mouth the Sava, near Podbrezje
370 m (1,210 ft) [1]
46°16′45″N 14°16′00″E / 46.2793°N 14.2666°E / 46.2793; 14.2666Coordinates: 46°16′45″N 14°16′00″E / 46.2793°N 14.2666°E / 46.2793; 14.2666
Length 27 km (17 mi) [1]
Basin features
Progression SavaDanubeBlack Sea
Basin size 146 km2 (56 sq mi) [1]

The Tržič Bistrica (Slovene: Tržiška Bistrica) is a river in Upper Carniola, Slovenia. The river is 27 kilometres (17 mi) in length.[1] It starts in the Karawanks, runs through the Dovžan Gorge and the town of Tržič, and joins the Sava near Podbrezje.


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