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Trabant Coffee and Chai was a two-location coffeehouse company based in University District, Seattle with another location Downtown Seattle.


Trabant was founded in 2003.[1] The characteristic decor of both locations was older-looking furnishings with prominent large investment on coffee-making apparatus.[2]

Trabant's location in the University District, located inside the historic Neptune Theatre, was closed in 2015.[3] Trabant was sold to Slate Coffee Roasters in 2015.[4]


CitySearch named Trabant as the best coffee in Seattle in 2005, 2007, and 2008.[2] The target demographic of customer has been categorized as "coffee nerds" and the locations have been categorized as "labs".[2]

In University District, many of the patrons were students[5] and "local weirdos".[6] The downtown location attracts office workers.[7]


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