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A cottage in Traboe

Traboe (pronounced tray-bow) (Cornish: Treworabo) is a hamlet on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. Traboe is about 5 km west of St Keverne; nearby is Traboe Cross, a junction on the B3293 road.[1] It is approximately a mile down the road from Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station. It contains eleven houses and a building which used to house Rosuick Farm Shop, this being the purpose for which it was built. The list of houses includes a converted inn and a converted school house.

There is a well situated at the back of the green. A tree was planted on the green by residents of the hamlet to commemorate the millennium.

Traboe lies within the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Almost a third of Cornwall has AONB designation, with the same status and protection as a National Park.


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Coordinates: 50°3′N 5°9′W / 50.050°N 5.150°W / 50.050; -5.150