Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld

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Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld
Location Hamburg, Germany
Coordinates 53°34′36″N 9°53′31″E / 53.576624°N 9.89203°E / 53.576624; 9.89203
Capacity 30,000 for horse racing
90,000 for concerts
Opened 1867

Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld, located in the Bahrenfeld quarter of Hamburg, Germany, is used for harness racing. It was built in 1867 and renovated in 2011.The track has a capacity of 30,000. Maximum capacity for concerts is 90,000.

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Coordinates: 53°34′36″N 9°53′32″E / 53.57667°N 9.89222°E / 53.57667; 9.89222