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The band in 1974. From left to right: Jaap van Eik, Pierre van der Linden & Rick van der Linden
Background information
Origin Haarlem, Netherlands
Years active 1974–1978
Past members Jaap van Eik
Pierre van der Linden
Rick van der Linden

Trace was a Dutch progressive rock trio founded by Rick van der Linden in 1974 after leaving Ekseption. They released three albums before merging back into Ekseption.[1]


In 1973, after releasing their album entitled Trinity, the members of the band Ekseption asked Rick van der Linden to leave the band. At this time Ekseption were quite famous which led Philips, their record-company, to give van der Linden the opportunity to find a new band.

In January 1974 van der Linden started rehearsals with Peter de Leeuwe, who had been playing drums with Ekseption before. The pair split up again soon after, since van der Linden considered de Leeuwe to lack in skill. De Leeuwe was replaced in February by Pierre van der Linden (a second-cousin of Rick), who had left Focus in October, 1973. To complete the trio, Rick finally asked Jaap van Eik, a self-taught musician considered to be one of the best Dutch bass players, to join the band. Originally named Ace (in the tradition of Cream and Flash to highlight their supergroup status), they had to change the name to Trace when they discovered a British band had already trademarked the name.[2]

On 9 September 1974 the trio released their first, self-titled album. Their second album, Birds was released on 1 January 1975, and featured future Marillion drummer Ian Mosley. A third album, The White Ladies, was released in 1976 with Rick van der Linden being supported by all of the former members of Ekseption save trumpeter Rein van den Broek. In 1978 van den Broek rejoined the group which effectively became Ekseption once again.


Trace (May 1974)[edit]


  • Rick van der Linden - keyboards
  • Jaap van Eik - guitars
  • Pierre van der Linden - drums
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Galliarde" (From: 3rd Part of the Italian Concerto BWV 971 in F Major by J.S. Bach and traditional Polish dance, arranged by Rick van der Linden) 6:07
2. "Gare le Corbeau" (Jaap van Eik) 2:02
3. "Galliarde" (same source material as No. 1) 4:55
4. "The Death of Ace" (From: Peer Gynt Suite ("The Death of Åse") by Edvard Grieg, arranged by Rick van der Linden) 5:13
5. "The Escape of the Piper" (Rick van der Linden) 3:08
6. "Once" (Rick van der Linden) 4:11
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "Progression" (Rick van der Linden) 12:02
8. "A Memory" (Swedish traditional, arranged by Rick van der Linden) 3:54
9. "The Lost Past" (Pierre van der Linden) 3:27
10. "A Memory" (same source as No. 8) 1:40
11. "Final Trace" (Rick van der Linden) 3:50

Birds (May 1975)[edit]


  • Rick van der Linden - keyboards
  • Jaap van Eik - guitars, vocals
  • Ian Mosley - drums
  • Darryl Way - violins
  • Coen Hoedeman - assorted monkeys

All tracks written & arranged by Rick van der Linden except as noted

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Bourrée" (From: English Suite No. 2 in A minor by J.S. Bach) 2:26
2. "Snuff" 2:24
3. "In A Mist" (Bix Beiderbecke/W.H. Challis) 1:12
4. "Opus 1065" (From: Concerto for Four Hands, J.S. Bach) 7:44
5. "Penny" 2:42
6. "Trixie-Dixie" 0:22
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "King Bird" 4:06
8. "First Avenue/Sculptor Bird" 2:00
9. "Second Avenue/Preacher Bird" 2:25
10. "Third Avenue" 0:27
11. "Birdcorps" 0:52
12. "Firecorps" 0:43
13. "Birdcorps/Mail Bird/Fourth Avenue/Soul Bird/Mail Bird/Sculptor Bird/Second Avenue/Preacher Bird/Last Avenue/King Bird/Reflection" 12:21

The White Ladies (1976)[edit]


  • Rick van der Linden - keyboards
  • Cor Dekker - bass guitar
  • Peter de Leeuwe - drums, guitars
  • Dick Remelink - saxes, flute
  • Hans Jacobse - keyboards
  • Hetty Smit - vocals
  • Harry Schäfer - narrator
  • The Benny Behr Strings conducted by Job Maarse
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Legend (part I)" (R.v.d.Linden/H. Schäfer) 3:29
2. "Interlude I" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:20
3. "Confrontation" (R.v.d.Linden/H. Schäfer) 4:11
4. "Interlude II" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:49
5. "Dance of the white ladies" (R.v.d.Linden) 1:34
6. "Doubts" (R.v.d.Linden) 3:28
7. "Trace I" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:16
8. "Witches' Dance" (R.v.d.Linden) 2:36
9. "Surrender" (R.v.d.Linden) 2:13
10. "Interlude III" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:30
Side two
No. Title Length
11. "Pathétique" (Sonata pathetique No.8 in C minor, op. 3 by Ludwig van Beethoven, arr. R.v.d. Linden) 2:26
12. "Legend (part II)" (R.v.d.Linden/H. Schäfer) 2:20
13. "Interlude IV" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:10
14. "The Rescue" (from Sonata No.3 in C major, op.2,3 by L.v.Beethoven, arr. R.v.d.Linden) 3:48
15. "Trace II" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:25
16. "Back home" (R.v.d.Linden) 3:18
17. "Meditation (for René)" (R.v.d.Linden) 3:58
18. "Flash back" (R.v.d.Linden) 0:33
19. "Conclusion" (R.v.d.Linden) 3:34


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