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Traci Melchor is a Canadian television personality, best known as the former cohost of CTV's The Social[1] and as a reporter for the network's entertainment magazine series etalk.

Originally from Pickering, Ontario, Melchor studied radio and television broadcasting at Seneca College. She joined CHUM Limited as an entertainment reporter for Citytv,[2] later becoming a cohost of MuchMusic's RapCity. She moved to Los Angeles in 2000, becoming an entertainment reporter and host for E![3] and taking acting roles in a number of television series, before returning to Canada in 2005 and taking a new role with MuchMusic's sister station MuchMoreMusic.

In 2008, Melchor joined CTV's etalk.

Melchor took a leave of absence from The Social in 2016, with Marci Ien stepping in as a substitute host following the cancellation of Canada AM.[4] Melchor later revealed that she took the leave of absence for mental health reasons, after bursting into uncontrollable tears while preparing for an interview with Lynn Keane, an author who had published a book about her son's suicide, leading Melchor to realize that she had not fully processed her grief over the 2015 death of her friend Chris Hyndman.[4]

Melchor announced in March 2017 that she would not be returning to the program full-time, instead concentrating on her duties with eTalk.[5] Ien became a permanent cohost of the program.[5]

She also regularly contributes to The Marilyn Denis Show, CP24 Breakfast, CTV News and Toronto's CHUM-FM.


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