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Track & Field News
EditorE. Garry Hill
CategoriesSports magazine
PublisherJanet Vitu
FounderBert Nelson & Cordner Nelson
Based inMountain View, California

Track & Field News is an American monthly sports magazine founded in 1948 by brothers Bert Nelson and Cordner Nelson, focused on the world of track and field.[1][2]

The magazine provides coverage of athletics in the United States from the high school to national level as well as covering the sport on an international bases.[3] The magazine has given itself the motto of "The Bible of the Sport".[4]

E. Garry Hill is the magazine's editor and Sieg Lindstrom is the managing editor. Janet Vitu is publisher and Ed Fox is publisher emeritus.[5]

Each year, the magazine produces world and US rankings of top track & field athletes, selected by the magazine's editors along with an international team of experts. The team changes year to year, for the 2012 season (published in the February 2013 issue) the world rankings compilers consisted of Jonathan Berenbom, Richard Hymans, Dave Johnson, Nejat Kok, and R. L. Quercentani. [6]

Many of the standard abbreviations used throughout the sport, like WR=World Record; WJR=World Junior Record; AR=American Record, started as print saving abbreviations in the magazine.[citation needed]

Track & Field News switched to a digital-only format during 2018, but resumed its paper and ink publication in January 2019.[7]

Since 1954, Track & Field News also publishes (subscription required) eTrack Newsletter (formerly Track Newsletter). [8] [9] The newsletter provides additional track and field meet results and lists.

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