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Trackpedia Inc
Mobile software
FoundedRochester, Minnesota, U.S. (Incorporated 2006)
Key people
John Stecher, President & CEO
William Newport, SVP & CFO
Robert Wisniewski, Lead Developer
Eric Jenney, Head of Sales
A car on track competing in time trials
SCCA Spec Racer Fords racing at Road America., [1] is a media and mobile software corporation headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota, United States.[2] maintains a list of racing circuits to allow for real life racers to get information before they arrive at the race track.[3]


Trackpedia was founded in 2006 and quickly grew into the largest online repositories of information dealing with racing circuit and high performance driving and riding in the world.[citation needed] Throughout 2006 and until the present day Trackpedia's online data repository has grown to include in-depth descriptions of nearly 98% of the world's active racing circuits.[citation needed]

Company Goals and Strategies[edit]

To supplement the data the racers themselves are consuming[clarification needed] from the online repository, Trackpedia has moved into building and delivering software tools to analyze the performance of the drivers' vehicles as well as to retain information about the vehicles which will allow drivers to tune for optimal performance on the circuit.

Users also submit their in-car video, which can be analyzed by experts who can advise drivers on their driving style and performance.[4][5][6][7]


Trackpedia Circuit Guides -- detailed instructions for race tracks around the world provide drivers heading for a new track insight on how different drivers approach the turns of the track in different cars.

Trackpedia Driver Education and Training -- many of the users of Trackpedia participate in Driver Education and Training provided by Car and Track clubs around the world.

Trackpedia G-Meter -- the G-Meter provides skid-pad or acceleration analysis for tuning your car, and include audio support as did Upshift-Drag.

Race team and sponsorships[edit]

Race Team[edit]

In order to maintain their awareness of what is current and relevant in the racing industry and in High Performance Driver's Education, Trackpedia fields a racing team consisting of three cars licensed to race throughout the midwest in SCCA, PCA, and NASA.

Trackpedia SCCA F1000 on Track Trackpedia Porsche 924 on Track


Trackpedia has sponsored many different private racing teams and drivers since its foundation.

Mike Skeen - SPEC E30 and MX-5 Cup [8]

Ken Brewer - NASA TTR [9]


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