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Liverpool Express - Tracks (album cover).gif
Studio album by Liverpool Express
Released June 1976
Recorded 1975-1976
Zodiac Studios, London
D.J.M. Studios, London
Genre Rock, pop
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Hal Carter & Peter Swettenham
Liverpool Express chronology
Singles from Tracks
  1. "Smile/Lae Mei"
    Released: 1975
  2. "You Are My Love/Never Be The Same Boy"
    Released: May 1976
  3. "Hold Tight/Lost For Words"
    Released: September 1976
  4. "Every Man Must Have A Dream/Call Me Your Love"
    Released: December 1976
  5. "Doing It All Again/It's A Beautiful Day"
    Released: March 1977

Tracks is the debut studio album by Liverpool Express, released in June 1976. It features two of the band's most memorable songs, "You Are My Love" and "Every Man Must Have a Dream," both of which were UK Top 20 hits and #1 in Brazil.[1] Other notable hit singles were "Hold Tight" and "Smile."

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Smile" (Roger Craig, Billy Kinsley)
  2. "Hold Tight" (Craig, Kinsley)
  3. "Never the Same Without Love" (Craig, Kinsley)
  4. "You Are My Love" (Craig, Kinsley)
  5. "She's a Lady" (Craig, Kinsley, Tony Coates)
  6. "Call Me Your Love" (Craig, Kinsley)
Side two
  1. "It's a Beautiful Day" (Craig, Kinsley)
  2. "(I Remember) Julian the Hooligan" (Craig, Kinsley, Coates)
  3. "Rosemary" (Craig, Kinsley)
  4. "Doing It All Again" (Craig, Kinsley)
  5. "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" (Craig, Kinsley)
  6. "Every Man Must Have a Dream" (Craig, Kinsley, Coates)


Liverpool Express


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