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Tracy could refer to:


United States



Fictional characters[edit]

  • Dick Tracy, a comic-book detective.
  • Jeff, Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon, John & Grandma Tracy, characters in the 1965 Supermarionation TV series Thunderbirds.
  • Tracy from the television series EastEnders.
  • Grace Kelly's character Tracy from the film High Society
  • Katherine Hepburn's character Tracy Lord from the film "The Philadelphia Story"
  • Tracy, a character in the Battle Arena Toshinden fighting game series
  • Tracy, a character in the video game EarthBound
  • Tracy, a character from the 2010 comedy film Tooth Fairy
  • Traci 13, a DC Comics heroine
  • Tracy Barlow, a character from the English soap opera Coronation Street
  • Tracy Beaker, a character in the book and TV series The Story of Tracy Beaker
  • Tracy Bond, a character in the James Bond series
  • Tracy Jordan, a character of the TV series 30 Rock
  • Tracy McConnell, a character of the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother
  • Tracy Quartermaine Spencer, a character in the ABC soap opera General Hospital
  • Tracy Reynolds, a character from the film Like Mike
  • Tracey Sketchit (Kenji), a character in the Pokémon anime and manga series
  • Tracy Strauss, a character in the TV series Heroes
  • Tracey Stubbs, a character in the British sitcom Birds of a Feather
  • Tracy Turnblad, a character in the Hairspray musical, 1988 film and 2007 film
  • Tracy Anderson, a character in the TV show Glee, daughter of Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson
  • Tracy Stewart, a Werewolf-Kanima Chimera in the MTV television series Teen Wolf.

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