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TRACY 168 (born Michael Tracy in 1958)[citation needed] is an American graffiti artist.


TRACY 168 was born at New York Hospital on E. 68 Street.[citation needed] He is one of the founding fathers of the art form;[citation needed] and created the Wildstyle style of graffiti.[1][unreliable source?] "Wildstyle" also refers to a crew he founded which has featured Chris Ellis ("Daze"), Lava I & II (of the "Black Spades"), Fernando Carlo Jr. ("cope 2"), Dan ("Plasma") Rauch, and others. He is featured extensively in the documentary Just to Get a Rep where he discusses WiLD STYLE and the troubled relationship between graffiti and the established art world.[2] In July 2006, an art piece by Tracy 168 in 1984 utilized a real subway car door and showcased his piece on it. The piece was shown at the Brooklyn Museum of Art during their month-long exhibit, "Graffiti. [3] "Tracy" was the mentor to many street and graffiti artists; Keith Haring and SAMO among them. Despite appearing in major gallery and museum shows "Tracy" maintains a solid street presence with his classic STREET MURALS in Brooklyn and the Bronx, where he currently resides. Tracy 168 is famous for his tags of a drawing called Purple Haze which relates and serves as a tribute to Jimi Hendrix.[4] The artwork was part of the Experience Music Project.


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