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Tracy Ackerman is a British singer and songwriter.[1] She works with several other British songwriters including Andy Watkins and Paul Wilson of Absolute and Mark Taylor.

She has recorded several of her own tracks and had a hit single in 1993 with the band Q with a cover of the Brenda Russell's hit, "Get Here".[2][3] Other early work included singing lead on "Ice" on Rick Wakeman's 1988 solo album Time Machine, and with 1980s cover groups Enigma, This Year's Blonde and Mirage. Ackerman also sang backing vocals on some of Shakatak's albums. She toured with Boyzone and Dead or Alive, and performed backing vocals with Tessa Niles during Eric Clapton's 1988 immensely successful anniversary tour. Along with Tessa Niles, she has sung backing vocals on various Gary Numan albums.

Ackerman attended Gordano School and lives in Berkshire. She is married to property developer Steve Bromwich.

Songs co-written by Ackerman[edit]

  • allSTARS*: "Tearing Up the World" (co-written with Ray Hedges and Nigel Butler) from the album allSTARS* (2002)
  • Andy Abraham: "Hang Up" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Impossible Dream (2006)
  • B*Witched: "C'est La Vie", "Rev It Up", "Rollercoaster", "Blame It On The Weatherman", "Freak Out" (all co-written with Ray Hedges and Martin Brannigan) from the CD B*Witched (1999)
  • B*Witched: "Never Giving Up" (co-written with Andy Hill) from the CD B*Witched (1999)
  • Boyzone: "Will I Ever See You" (co-written with Absolute), B-side of "Every Day I Love You More" (1999)
  • Celine Dion: "Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way" or the changed title "I Choose life" from the CD A New Day.. Live in Las Vegas (2004)
  • Cher: "Alive Again" (N Bracegirdle/R Hedges/T Ackerman) from Living Proof (2002)
  • Chicane: "Locking Down" (1997), "Daylight" (2008) and "Spirit" (2007)
  • Dana Dawson: "Got To Give Me Love" (1996)
  • Dannii Minogue: "Get Into You" (1993)
  • Darius: "Resolution" from the CD Live Twice (2004)
  • Edyta Gorniak: Impossible, Sit Down, Invisible, How Do You Know, The Story So Far, The Day Before The Rain, Cross My Heart and Make It Happen from the CD Invisible (2003)
  • Erik: We Got The Love (1994)
  • Eternal: "Sensual Man" from the CD Eternal (1999)
  • Geri Halliwell: "Walkaway" and "Someone's Watching Over Me" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Schizophonic (1999)
  • Geri Halliwell: "Feels Like Sex", "Circles Round The Moon" and "Lovey Dovey Stuff" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (2001)
  • Geri Halliwell: "Don't Get Any Better" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Passion (2005)
  • Gil Ofarim: "Never Giving Up Now" (written with Andy Hill) from 1998
  • Girl Thing: "Girls On Top" and "Shhh" (co-written with Absolute) (2000)
  • Hear'Say: "Straight From The Heart" (T Hawes/P Kirtley/T Ackerman) from the CD Everybody (2001)
  • Hear'Say: "Carried Away" and "Sweet Alibi" (co-written with Ray Hedges) from the CD Popstars (2001)
  • Jamie Scott: "When Will I See Your Face Again" and "Rise Up" from the CD Park Bench Theories (2007)
  • Judy Cheeks: "This Time" (J Douglas/T Ackerman) and "Forgive and Forget" from the CD Respect (1996)
  • Keisha White: "Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way" and "Don't Mistake Me"
  • Kim Wilde: Breakin' Away from the CD Now & Forever (1995)
  • Kylie Minogue: Love is Waiting from the CD Confide in Me: The Irresistible Kylie (2007)
  • Lindy Layton: "We Got The Love" (McCutcheon / T Ackerman) (1993)
  • No Angels: "Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way" from the CD Destiny Reloaded (2008)
  • Q featuring Tracy Ackerman: "I Wish" (M Taylor / T Ackerman), B-side of "Get Here" (Single) (1993)
  • Q featuring Tony Jackson: "Everlasting" (M Taylor / T Ackerman), B-side of "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" (1994)
  • Rozalla: "All That I Need" from the CD Look No Further (1995)
  • S Club 7: "Bring The House Down" and "Cross My Heart" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD 7 (2000)
  • S Club: "Gansta Love" and "In Too Deep" from the CD Seeing Double (2002)
  • S Club Juniors: "I Come Alive" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Together (2002)
  • Sonia: "My Light" (M Taylor / T Ackerman / S Evans), B-side of "Boogie Nights" (1992)
  • Taylor Hicks: "Do I Make You Proud" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Taylor Hicks (2006)
  • Tina Turner: "All The Woman" (co-written with Absolute) from the CD Twenty Four Seven (1999)
  • Will Young: "If That's What You Want" (co-written with Absolute), B-side of "Don't Let Me Down" (2002)


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