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Tracy Ann Wormworth is a bass guitarist working in the music and television industry in the United States. She is the sister of The Conan O'Brien Show drummer James Wormworth,[1] daughter of jazz drummer Jimmy Wormworth and sister of vocalist Mary Wormworth.

As of 2017, Wormworth is a member of the B-52s, having recorded and toured with the band since at least the Cosmic Tour of 1990. She first appeared on their sixth studio album, Good Stuff, and recorded on the band's soundtrack, "The Flintstones". By 2008, she was listed as an official member on their album Funplex and is featured in the band's 2011 video recording With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, GA.

Her career began as a member of the New Wave band the Waitresses.[2] Dave Hofstra was the bass player on the first album, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? (even though Wormworth's picture appears in the photo on the back cover of the album). Wormworth joined the band after he quit and stayed until the band broke up in 1984.[3]

Wormworth has served as a touring bass player for Sting and Wayne Shorter, Cyndi Lauper, Phyllis Hyman, jazz great Regina Carter, vocal phenom Rachelle Ferrell and Joan Osborne, as well as the B-52s. She was part of the house band on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, where she performed with everyone from Little Richard to Liza Minnelli. She appears in videos with The B-52s and Sting. She also recorded on the Lena Horne album We'll Be Together Again (1994), I Ain't Movin' (1994) by singer-songwriter Des'ree, and Head over Heels (1995) by Paula Abdul as well as Regina Carter's Something for Grace. She has worked with The Family Stand, Rachel Z, and Moby.


With Paula Abdul

With The B-52's

With Des'ree

With Lena Horne

With Houston Person

With David Lee Roth

With The Waitresses


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