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Tracy and Swartwout was a prominent New York City architectural firm headed by Evarts Tracy and Egerton Swartwout.


Evarts Tracy (1868–1922) was the son of first cousins Jeremiah Evarts Tracy and Martha Sherman Greene. His paternal grandmother Martha Sherman Evarts and maternal grandmother Mary Evarts were the sisters of William M. Evarts. Evarts Tracey graduated from Yale in 1890.

Egerton Swartwout (1870–1943) was the first son of Satterlee Swartwout and Charlotte Elizabeth Edgerton (daughter of Ohio Representative Alfred Peck Edgerton). Swartwout graduated from Yale University in 1891.

Both Swartwout and Tracy had trained and worked as draftsmen with the renowned firm, McKim, Mead and White.

From 1904-1909, Tracy and Swartwout were joined by architect James Riely Gordon, forming the firm Gordon, Tracy & Swartwout.

In 1909-1912 the firm was joined by Electus Darwin Litchfield, a graduate of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and the Stevens Institute of Technology. The firm was at this time named Tracy, Swartwout & Litchfield.

Evarts Tracy died January 31, 1922, in France, of chronic myocarditis. Egerton Swartwout continued working on his own after Evarts Tracy's death.


Date Name Image Location Notes
1900 Former Yale Club Penn Club of New York (front).JPG 30 W. 44th Street, New York Now the Penn Club
1901 home for Evarts Tracy 1009 Hillside Ave. Plainfield NJ
1902 The Webster Hotel Webster-hotel.jpg 40 West 45th Street, New York Added to National Register of Historic Places, 1984
1903 Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center Park Ave. and Randolph Road Plainfield, NJ currently in danger of being demolished
1906 Pliny Fisk House New York City (11, 13, 15 E. 45th Street) [1]
1906 Skull and Bones, cloister-garden New Haven, Connecticut For the Yale University secret society. Evarts Tracy is believed to have been an 1890 member of the society, and William M. Evarts was an 1837 member[2]
1905-1907 National Metropolitan Bank Building National Metropolitan Bank, DC.jpg Washington, D.C. designed by B. Stanley Simmons added to National Register of Historic Places, 1978
1907 Albert Moyer House 324 N. Ridgewood Rd. S. Orange, NJ
1907-1909 Somerset County Courthouse CourtHouse02.jpg Somerville, New Jersey
1908 Stamford YMCA 909 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT now Hotel Zero Degrees attached to YMCA
1908-1911 Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness, Denver Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness.jpg Denver, Colorado Added to National Register of Historic Places, 1975
1915 Astor Market Astor Market at 95th Street and Broadway in Manhattan in 1915.jpg 95th and Broadway NY, NY demolished
1915 George Washington Memorial Hall Washington, D.C. construction was started but never completed [3]
1916 U.S. Post Office and Federal Building CO-Denver 1916 1 Ref.jpg Denver, Colorado Added to National Register of Historic Places, 1973
1917 Missouri State Capitol MissouriCapitol.jpg Jefferson City, Missouri Beaux-Arts
1919 Ridgewood High School Rhspana.jpg Ridgewood, New Jersey


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