Trade, Law and Development

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Trade, Law and Development  
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Discipline Law review
Language English
Publication details
National Law University, Jodhpur (India)
Publication history
Frequency Biannual
ISSN 0975-3346

Trade, Law and Development (TL&D) is an academic journal of legal and related interdisciplinary scholarship published by an independent student group at National Law University, Jodhpur.


Trade, Law and Development focuses on issues of relevance to the international economic order, legal system and development, as well as policy issues. TL&D is the first journal in the field of international economic law and policy to use an open source publishing software.[1]

TL&D seeks to generate and sustain a democratic debate on issues of international economic law and governance, of relevance to the developing world in particular. The Journal is a signatory to the Budapest Open Access Initiative and is indexed on the PKP-Open Archives Harvester2 archive. In addition, contents of TL&D are available on the HeinOnline database (under a Creative Commons license). TL&D publishes "Articles", "Notes", "Comments", and "Book Reviews". The journal was established by Shashank P. Kumar.[2]

Trade, Law and Development is a biannual journal. Apart from the journal website, where all works are available for free and open access as soon as each issue is published, each issue of TL&D is published in hard-copy, as well. Apart from the regular issues, the journal publishes a special issue each year on a relatively under-explored topic or issue of contemporary relevance to the developing world. Previous special issues have covered areas such as international investment law. The 2015 special issue focused on "Government Procurement". The 2017 special issue is dedicated to "Recent Regionalism".


Trade, Law and Development was ranked the best law journal from India (highest Impact Factor and highest Combined Score) for 2011 by the Washington and Lee University School of Law.[3] This marks an improvement in the journal's second rank based on Combined Score for 2010.

Significant articles[edit]

  • Raj Bhala, Teaching China GATT 1(1) Trade L. & Dev. 1-55
  • Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Time For a Paradigm Shift? Exploring Maximum Standards in International Intellectual Property Protection 1(1) Trade, Law and Dev. 56-102
  • Dana L. Watts, Why Congress Should Amend US Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Laws to Prevent "Double Remedies" 1(1) Trade, Law and Dev. 145-170[4]
  • Gus Van Harten, Five Justifications for Investment Treaties: A Critical Discussion" 2(1) Trade, Law and Dev. 19 -58
  • Bryan Mercurio, A Precautionary Approach to Decision Making: The Evolving Jurisprudence on Article 5.7 of the SPS Agreement" 2(2) Trade, Law and Dev. 195-223
  • Gabrielle Marceau & Mikella Hurley, Transparency and Public Participation in the WTO: A Report Card on WTO Transparency Mechanisms 4(1) Trade, Law and Dev. 19-44