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Trade Union Centre of India is a national central trade union organization in India. Trade union Centre of India believes in uncompromising struggle and aims in uniting the working class as a revolutionary class.The 8th All India Conference of TUCI was held in Raichur, Karnataka 20-22 March 2016. The Conference elected a 53-member General Counsil, a 31-member Central Committee and 7 office-bearers: are in the Central Committee, of whom the seven office-bearers are: Amrish Patel (Gujarat), President, Bharat Bhushan Pandey (Chhattisgarh), Vice-President, R. Manasaya (Karnataka), Vice-President, Sanjay Singhvi (Maharashtra), General Secretary, Alik Chakraborty

(W. Bengal), Secretary, Aravind Nayar, (Maharashtra), Secretary and Govinda (Maharashtra), Treasurer.[1]


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